Hello all. It’s been a while, I know. I made a short business trip to Beaufort, SC for a few days this week. This picture was taken from a site visit. We constructed a park with walking trails and  a lake. People will be able to rent kayaks and buy worms to fish and it’s all surrounded by these beautiful trees. It was really nice and the clouds were just right.

I have to be honest with you, I’ve been procrastinating. I leave for Vienna, Austria next Friday!!! I’ll be visiting my bestest friend in the whole wide world – and I don’t have one. thing. planned. This is very unlike me.  But after you look at a computer for 9 hours… the last thing I want to do is come home and continue researching places to go, stay, eat … etc. So tonight, I found some really great places that we’ll be going to. I’m really excited. I think it’ll hit me about… next Thursday night when I’m stressed out and haven’t started packing — that I’ll actually be leaving the country… but until then — meh. We’ll survive. We always do. So right now, I’m listening to the original soundtrack of the Sound of Music (I want y’all to know I’m singing every lyric and hitting every note!!!), I’ve written down some of the major scenes from the movie that we have to visit (according to my father) – I refuse to go to that gazebo… did you know that it’s not actually the real one, they had to move it due to trespassing– and I’ll be thinking of the mountains I hope to be climbing in 2 weeks. I hope y’all are ready for some serious picture posts! In two weeks, you can just call me freakin’ Heidi!

I hope everyone is doing well. If you’ve been to Austria and have recommendations, please send them in! Have a great rest of the week!

Today I am thankful for: Miss Carol’s chicken dumplings. They are making my stuffy nose feel better.

“She climbs a tree and scrapes her knee, her dress has got a tear…”  (sounds like me)

Anderson, SC: Split Creek Farm

Hey y’all. I know it’s been a while… I had my FINAL final Review… EVER, just yesterday! How wonderful is that? Pretty darn wonderful. And since I’ve been inside working in studio all week long, we thought it was high time to get outside. There is a goat farm that my roommate has been telling me about since I’ve been back in Clemson and I regret not going to it sooner. And even better, they have amazing goat cheese! AND award winning show goats.

Place: Anderson, SC

Name: Split Creek Farm

What: Awesome Goat Farm and Certified Roadside Market

This place is so cool and the lady working today was incredibly friendly. She greeted us as soon as we got out of the car with one of the many Great Pyrenese dogs that they have guarding their goats. The beauty that greeted us; her name is Sophie.

The lady working was telling us a story about the dogs. She said that they are incredibly protective over their goats. They know when even one is missing. She was telling us how they moved one of the pregnant goats into a different pin and the dog was staying on the edge of the fence to keep an eye on his flock and his missing goat. Isn’t that precious? I also asked her what the dogs were protecting the goats from. She said that they protect them from Coyotes (the lady called them Ci-yotes — some plural form of coyotes, haha), big cats, wild dog packs, and she even said that there have been bear spottings around those parts. Doesn’t that dog look like Aslan?

Eeek! Baby goats. These goats, we couldn’t touch. They were anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks old. We couldn’t touch them because their immunity systems are still being formed. But they were soo cute!

These goats were so silly. Can you see that in the image on the right that that goat is actually biting on me. He was really cute and when I pet him he kept trying to nibble at me. I want a goat.

Ok y’all. You have to watch to this! This is a super short video a took today of one of the cawing goats. Now, all goats caw and bahhh and make noises.. but this one in particular was very noisy. We later found out that she was pregnant and was probably going to have her baby this afternoon.

Heeheeehee… now that’s just funny. Goats are silly.

This goats name is Stevie. Stevie is blind. Hence, the name. I think there is something really beautiful about him and his coat is so pretty.

This is one of two shops on the farm. This shop contains local crafts and artwork from artist around the area and the other one contains the cheese shop. YUM. There was a tray sitting on the counter with all of there delicious cheeses. They were to die for.

This was on the back of the door at the cheese shop. I love every single one of these stickers. I think I need a good sticker collection. Did you notice the TOWANDA sticker?! Yes Ma’am!!!!

Look at this guy hiding all by himself.

Something particularly special about this place is that the owner can no longer work there. She has a dedicated staff that works around the clock who helps her maintain a successful business and care for more than 350 goats. She has become increasingly sick and is on a waiting list for a Lung Transplant. You can, of course, go and donate money towards her healthcare costs. In return, they will give you a small wooden toy goat as a thank you for your donation. Mine is sitting on my vanity now and I can see it everyday. I love this place and the people who work here. Let’s support our local artisans as well as those in need.

Me and my roommate Aud at the entrance to Split Creek Farm. Go check it out!

Today I am thankful for many things: goats and goat cheese… being finished with my studio final… for my best friend’s friend, Drew, having a successful Appendectomy… and for Life – all in all – things are good.

I have a date next weekend with a big ole bottle of wine, some goat cheese and crackers, and my boy. Imma happy kid.

Caesar’s Head State Park: Raven Cliff Fall’s

Before I got sick last weekend, my roomie and I went a hike with good friends and new friends. We went to Raven Cliff Falls. The weather was beautiful! Beware of the crazy switchbacks on the road on the way up. It was crazy. Tons of Bikers and cyclist were out. Below, was our little journey in search of the Falls and a Suspension Bridge. On the map above, we followed the Red, Blue, and Pink trail heads. We think… it was a little over 6 miles. A good 4 hour hike and not too much uphill 🙂

It was so nice just to stretch our legs and be outside. We had really been sitting inside our Studio for too long… we needed to get away from all the sick people.

The suspension bridge! It really wobbled. I loved it! I kinda want to build one now… any takers?

My girls and hiking buddies!!!! I love these people.

The Fall’s from the Lookout Tower. I had no idea that this is what the suspension bridge was looming over. I may have approached with a bit more caution. You can actually see the top of the suspension bridge if you look really hard — It’s in the middle towards the very top of this image.


Today I am thankful for: being home and seeing that my monster baby puppy is really on the mend. His stitches come out Monday!

The Art Building

I love art (and CAKE).

Even though I majored in Fine Art in undergrad, sometimes I have a hard time remembering that I love art . AND furthermore — I’m good at it. Far better than I could ever hope to be in Architecture. Yeah, I know… Let’s start the pitty party. Back to the topic at hand, I love getting immersed in other people’s work. Spending a few minutes getting lost in the strokes of a charcoal drawing might be one of my favorite past times. So again, as I was patiently waiting to get things done in the wood shop… I went on a little tour…

Both of these pieces are made out of electrical tape and line the walls in the art building.


another detail

It’s probably obvious that I LOVE these huge drawings. I love that the artist didn’t erase the earlier marking and kept moving the placement of the foot, head, and horns. Also, as it was taught to me… REMEMBER: the eraser is as much a tool as your pencil. ughhhhh… I miss drawing. It’s my goal to start back this winter — no excuses.

All drawings/artworks are property of Clemson University as I don’t know who the artist are. Please feel free to let me know.

New GSP Airport?

Sorry for the dead air lately; we have all been working hard on our studio projects.

The Greenville|Spartanburg airport is expanding due to their new partnership with Southwest Airlines. 11 new gates will need to be added to the existing airport and they are planning to double if not triple the amount of traffic that is currently coming into and out of the airport. So in school, this is our project for our Comprehensive Studio. This is a rough rendering of what our building will look like on the interior. Cool, right?

Table Rock, SC

Last weekend I went on a hike. And let me tell you — I’m out of shape and super uncoordinated. These are things we should all probably already know. In any case. My friend and I went up to Table Rock. Located here.

Table Rock Satellite Map

It looks to me as though it’s pretty close to where South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina come together. Maybe I saw all of them at once! Who knows. I may have made that up.

Trail Heads

A Fork in the Road. We Followed the Red Trail Heads.

Doesn't this look like the Bust of a Greek statue? I love nature.

We still had another hour left in our hike. Not yet to the top.

There we go.

WE MADE IT! or we thought...

Apparently when you get up there, you think that you’re there –but you’re not. There is still probably a quarter of mile to go and then you’ve made it! So if you go, make sure you go all the way to the end and make sure you see the 3.5 mile marker. And yes, it’s wonderful — there are mile markers.

Time to Relax.

There was even cell reception. And this guy was a machine. He did a 9 mile hike before he did this one!

My hiking buddy!

This was a great trail–and a total of 7 miles and an excellent workout. Even if I tripped on everything on the way down. It was so beautiful and there were huge monolithic rocks along the trail where you can sit, rest, or picnic. I loved it. It’s super touristy and a little cliche but I guess you have to do at least once if you’re in the area.

Y’all have a great weekend. I’m on my home to the one’s I love. Rememeber, spread the good word: Peace and Love throughout the World

Pendleton, SC : Just More BBQ

Just More BBQ

This week we had a lot of Studio work going on and we all needed to wind down and relax. So we went to Just More BBQ in Pendleton,SC. Right down the road from Clemson University. This place is awesome. AND like most awesome BBQ places, it’s only open Friday and Saturdays — but it gets even better… they have a live Bluegrass Band every weekend.  Just More BBQ has awesome Shredded Pork and AMAZING Mac ‘n Cheese. Plus– all meals come with dessert and a drink. Can it get any better? Oh, I’m just lovin’ life. Check out Just More BBQ’s website here.

This weekends band is called Cane Creek Bluegrass Band and they are based out of Anderson, SC and here is there website if you’d like to check them out. I thought that they were wonderful. Here’s a little sample of what we heard below.

Get Tagged Asheville

Everyone knows Asheville as a laid back Mountain Community full of hippies and art, right? But have you thought of it as a community of high graffiti art? Now, I’m no one in particular to be discussing the evolution of what is high and low art, although I have taken several classes on it. I will say though, I know good art from bad art. I like art that has emotion, intellect, skill, and creativity. I like art that is thought provoking and brings a little something new to the table. I also love it when you see something you didn’t quite expect or predict. I found that in Asheville, its walls have been tagged by some amazing artists.

W. Walnut St. near the Mellow Mushroom



Downtown Asheville : next to the coolest art gallery



Detail. A little something unexpected.

The Little Prince


Located in Traveler's Rest, SC on the street in "Downtown"

Photographs provided by NR and AC.

Scott’s Variety Store & BBQ

Vegan’s Beware! This post is not for you!

Scott's Variety Store

So today was our final field trip for the semester. A lot of the places that we have been to have been all about the experience of a space and not simply about the architecture. Today, we went to a place for the experience.  That place is Scott’s BBQ. They have mastered BBQ. I’m going to let my pictures describe my experience … and… if you get the chance… and you are in the “middle of no-where South Carolina”… you have to go to Scott’s BBQ. It has my seal of approval!! To receive a full description of these masters and their work check out THIS article from the NY Times… I’m tellin’ you… this shit’s legit!

Mista Rodney Scott -- Pitt Master

Old fuel drum used to burn down all of their personally hand cut wood to make the coals that go under their BBQ

Mista Rodney Doin' What He Does Best!

Vat O' Goodness -- Notice that that long handle is NOT to a ladle, but to a MOP. That's right, no brushes here... they lay it on thick with a MOP!!!

Oh yeah!!

What more can a girl ask for?

White Bread? CHECK , Sauce? CHECK, Orange Drink? CHECK…. BBQ (1 lb)? CHECK CHECK!!

Close Up, Beauty Shot!

Close Up, Beauty Shot 🙂

I love this menu! It might just be my favorite!

The Whole Graduate Architecture Crew (+/- a few)