For those of you in my neck of the woods, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve got nothing but rain. This was the Lakeshore Walking Trail about 2 hours ago. So on this rainy day, I have been spending my time between dog sitting, writing cover letters, reading, and catching up on some of my favorite blogs. Maybe you’ll feel inspired enough to start following some. Check them out. They are good people.

Some blogs you should check out:

  • For the photographer: We Live Young : This chick is a teenager, a professional photographer, and a gypsy. I love it. I love her photos. AND I love her writing.
  • For the foodie: Blank Palate : This is actually written by a girl I went to high school with. She probably doesn’t even remember me but I love her blog and find it really inspiring. What is she doing? She is learning more about the fascinating culture and cooking of Spain. She did what everyone else says they are going to do. She picked up and moved to Spain and is living the dream. ME NEXT. Guest post Marti?
  • For the fashionista: Atlantic – Pacific : This lady is hitting up some major fashion blogger awards. She’s been featured in all kinds of magazine spreads and fashionista’s around the world are taking notice of her unique style. You know me… I love all those bracelets.
  • For the new architectural intern: Intern 101 : Lulu is her online pseudonym; however, she IS a licensed architect and she has written a lot of helpful posts that help us “new guys” find our way in the working world. For anyone soon to be partaking in the professional field, I recommend this blog. Not only because it’s helpful, but also because she advises readers on the basics that we new graduates often forget about when entering the working world. From how to dress, how to act professionally, how to talk to your boss… AND she responds to questions really quickly. AND she’s from The South.
  • For inspirationThe Obsessive Imagist : What can say, she posts about really cool images. Rather, the things that inspire her.
  • For the graphic designer: Logo Design Love : First, I’ve got to get the book that coincides with the blog. Second, I am strangely fascinated by logo design and branding. I think it takes a really creative person to create a logo that is meant to be a single image that stands for what a company is, it’s particular look, and what they stand for. Just think… try to create your own personal logo — where do you start??
Today I am thankful for: having power.

Day Break

After a very productive morning, we decided that we needed a break in the middle of the day… so we took our two favorite girls and headed to our new favorite spot on the Cahaba River. And usually I’m so excited to say this, but this year I’m not, I think fall is right around the corner. The reason why its our favorite…there’s a  rope swing. We can’t really do any cool tricks off the rope swing because the water is really only 7′-0″ deep. We’ll have to wait for a storm to come through. It kinda reminds me of when we were here. Okay… maybe that was a little different.

The best river buddies you’ll ever find… Miss Milly (front) and Miss Abby (back). Look at how happy they are!!!!

Today I am thankful for: talking with one of my best girlfriends from graduate school. It was so nice to catch up. I miss you Jilly!!!

Look what the American’s Brought to Work…

We are slowly nearing the end of our trip and we thought it would be nice to bring something to the office. So we decided that we should bring a little bit of American right into work. Now… y’all know that if I had an oven (which typical Chinese household’s DO NOT have ovens, fyi) I would have totally baked a cake — alas, there are no ovens — thus, no cake. Oh well… doughnuts cross all cultural bounds! They didn’t know what doughnuts were called?? Online they call them rings… how odd.

People were so friendly after we fed them. I must remember to do this as soon as I get a job back in the states. Food = Happy People. Who knew that so many people in the office actually speak English — go figure.


Today I am thankful for: a quick work day. Only a few more to go!!


Y’all, I’m among the famous. Today we were walking along The Bund and all of a sudden a tourist comes up to my sister-in-law and grabs her to take a photo. It was bizarre. Julia didn’t understand why… but it’s because she’s white. Often Chinese people look at Americans as if they are celebrities. Just look how happy they both are!!

Now look how happy the woman is when my brother gets into the picture! Ha. I thought this was hilarious. My friend and I were cracking up. There are some strange things going on in China…

In other news… we went to the river town, Qibao, today. My roomie told me that he went to a river town before and the only thing there was a small town with a small “river” that runs through it — well that’s kinda what this was. They have made a tourist attraction out of something that isn’t really touristy. They have lined the courtyards and small alleys leading up to the area in shops… kinda like the Ponte Vecchio in Florence… but on a smaller scale, less classy, more street food venders, and the occasional haggler. If that’s your thing — go for it. I will say though, the food was pretty tasty — unless you order stinky tofu. GROSS. Which, my friend TR did… and Julia quickly found out after one quick bite that she has about as much appreciation for it as I do.

But y’all know me… I’ll always find something good to eat.

Ok, this is random… but whatever. What y’all may not know about me is that I love fashion. While I may not exude it — I have a true love for the fashion industry. I follow a ton of fashion blogs and find them so inspiring what some people can do. This lady right here, deserves to be on a fashion blog. She exudes confidence. I love it. I also love, that what you cannot see, is her Adidas tennis shoes. It cracked me up. Stylish, yet practical. My kind of woman.


Today I am thankful for: having a week off of work. I won’t be back until next Wednesday. Why, you ask? Because I’m going to the big city — Beijing, here we come!


Sichuan Folk Restaurant

A sweet coworker took my roommates and I out to eat at a restaurant that serves food from his hometown — which is near and dear to his heart — he is from the Hunan Provence. Have you ever eaten Sichuan food? It’s HOT! Well…. it’s a different kind of hot — regardless, it was hot for me (which isn’t saying much). My lips felt like they were bright red and on fire. Luckily, I ordered a Lg. Pepsi to go along with my meal (I know, I know… there was no Coke). This is unusual for me — I’m not going to talk about the meal I ate that night… although it was both delicious and interesting (one dish was Pig’s Foot Soup…), Nope, I’m going to share with you my entertainment that evening…

Watch the video above or check it out here! This was great. The audience was treating this character like he was a Hollywood Star. While the music was still playing he came out into the audience and shook people hands and posed for pictures… and some of the people in the audience were interesting as well. I just had to get a picture of the guy sitting behind me.

Okay… I know I’m being ugly… but… the 80’s called and they want their shorts back! And what y’all can’t see that I tried so desperately to capture, is that the back of this guys shirt said SLEEK. It’s really difficult taking sneaky pictures of people. Anyway… he really made me laugh whether it was intentional or not. I will say, you’re pretty ballsy if you’ll go out in public wearin’ this get up. (look Mom, I spelled wear correctly today :)) I have a feeling y’all might not think that this guy was as funny as I thought he was… but that’s okay.

These were my left over plates after dinner. Notice that the Pigs Foot Soup is the only thing still standing…


Today I am thankful for: seeing my roommate push someone out of the subway train. This jerk was shoving people so that he could fit into the subway and this time… there really was no more room. So my roomie just shoved him back and the doors closed. Ha. Okay– that’s a crappy thing to be thankful for… hmmmm… I’m thankful that it’s Friday. There ya go.

5 Story Louis Vuitton Trunk

I forgot to post yesterday — so today will be a double post. This is one of the many things I see on my way to and from work. And yes it’s true — that really is a 5 story Louis Vuitton Trunk under construction.


Today I am thankful for: getting back from work all by myself. I somehow managed a chinese subway station with gusto today.Brava too me!

I’m Movin’ Out!

Finally, Finally, Finally!!! I’m finished with school FOREVER!!!!!!!!  I cannot say this with enough joy! I have not stopped school since kindergarden. Can you imagine? I’ve gone straight through. I have been in school for a solid 19 years. As my mother and I were packing my things in South Carolina, she informed me that my father thought it would be a good idea to start Medical School. Say what?!? I don’t think so. I’m too smart for that. They can make the big bucks–I don’t want to be a student forever.

On another note, here are a few fun pics from our 17 hour day–Alabama to South Carolina AND BACK. Needless to say… we were exhausted (10 hours in the car will do it to ya, plus loading and unloading).

A few stowaways who were ready to come back with us.

Today I am thankful for: a day at my happy place.

CHINA COUNTDOWN: T-minus 5 DAYS and 10 hours…

My Week in a Nutshell:


So our midterm review is tomorrow. I will be presenting in about 24 hours. Ahhhh! There is still so much to do. Let’s see… I’ve already been up until 6:30 this morning working all day and all night. And I think I’ll be doing it all again tonight. Hopefully, I will be sleeping soon and doing yoga — Come on downward dog!


Today I am thankful for: good friends who will meet me for cake/lunch and good music from the summer that reminds me of free and easy times.

Oh yes….

The last 24 hours have been perfect. I had the best weekend EVER! You’ll get to see all about it when I come back to Earth and get some sleep. I just had to share about my day. Now, back to the real world in less than 15 hours… all good things must come to an end.


Goodness, today I am thankful for: new friends, old friends, and everyone in between–and for happy run-in’s at Whole Foods.


So I’ve been a little stressed out lately. And it’s always due to my own procrastination. Do you ever feel like you there is just not enough time in the day? That you have more things to do than there are enough hours in the day to do them? I’m trying to re-create my portfolio and I cannot find any of the files that I need. I’m stressed to say the least… breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe


Today I am thankful for: the fact that this picture reminds me of Daddy (and he has nerves of steel).