July 4th Playlist

I was raised on excellent music. And the 4th always makes me think of old classic hits. My mom has awesome taste in music and she just learned how to make playlists in iTunes (God love her). I think that this is a playlist that would make her proud. I know there are some good ones in there. And don’t be hateful, song 20 is our National Anthem down here. Happy July 4th. Just think, this time last year… I was in Beijing after a hard days climb on The Great Wall.

Drop me a line, let me know your favorite Summer Classics.


Today I’m thankful to see my Grandfather turning the ripe age of 91. Happy Birthday Gramps. And for a good 2 solid years with my favorite boy.

Birmingham, AL: The Mountain


Y’all. You have to check out this new radio station that’s local to Birmingham, AL. They play some of the best music EVER. Some of it’s underground, some is 90s, some is local stuff, some Indie Rock, and some alternative music. Do you remember Reg’s Coffee House? He’s on there too! Oh, it’s the best EVER!

The Mountain

Birmingham's Best 2010

The Mountain was actually nominated as the BEST radio station in Birmingham. AND they aren’t even on the Radio! They are only online. GENIUS. Check out all of Birmingham’s Best here. I agree with some of the list, not so much with others. Nonetheless… It’s still a pretty good list.


Today I am thankful for: Awesome new music found by my boyfriend.


My Top 10 Songs From 2010

Alright. No judgements please. Here’s a lot of what I’ve been listening to this past year. If it’s something that I can sing to or dance to in the shower — then I like it.

Band/Artist: Augustana | Album: Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt | Song: Sweet and Low

Band/Artist: B.O.B | Album: The Adventures of Bobby Ray | Song: Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore

Band/Artist: Britney Spears | Album: Britney (let’s be honest, I love it all — every album)

Band/Artist: Joe Cocker | Album: Mad Dogs & Englishmen | Song: Girl from the North Country

Band/Artist: Jerrod Niemann | Album: Single | Song: Lover, Lover

Band/Artist: Joshua James | Album: Build Me This | Song: Coal War

Band/Artist: Nelly| Album: Single | Song: Just a Dream

Band/Artist: Hanson | Album: Single | Song: Penny & Me

Band/Artist: Sister Hazel | Album: Live . Live | Song: Sword and Shield

Band/Artist: Tim McGraw | Album: Single | Song: Felt Good on my Lips


Pendleton, SC : Just More BBQ

Just More BBQ

This week we had a lot of Studio work going on and we all needed to wind down and relax. So we went to Just More BBQ in Pendleton,SC. Right down the road from Clemson University. This place is awesome. AND like most awesome BBQ places, it’s only open Friday and Saturdays — but it gets even better… they have a live Bluegrass Band every weekend.  Just More BBQ has awesome Shredded Pork and AMAZING Mac ‘n Cheese. Plus– all meals come with dessert and a drink. Can it get any better? Oh, I’m just lovin’ life. Check out Just More BBQ’s website here.

This weekends band is called Cane Creek Bluegrass Band and they are based out of Anderson, SC and here is there website if you’d like to check them out. I thought that they were wonderful. Here’s a little sample of what we heard below.

Ringing of the Bells

Bells in the Bell Tower

This past Sunday we took my boyfriends grandmother and aunt to church at 1st Presbyterian on 4th Ave. North. Its a really beautiful old church that’s in the heart of Birmingham. His grandmother, who is 80+ years in age, still enjoys playing the bells after the service is over. So, after communion, we went up 2 spiral staircases (that was only the width of a small child)  and made our way to the top of the bell tower and listened to her play. We, being us, went all the way to the very top of the bell tower and watched the bells ding away. It was beautiful. I never knew how it worked. I envisioned it being a Notre Dame scene and we would be swinging from the bells… not quite.

Being in the Bible Belt, it was especially nice to hear all of the churches in the downtown area have their bells ring as well.

The Key Board for the Bells

At the Tip Top of the Bell Tower