Mississippi/Alabama State Line

My best friend had her relatives from Seattle come to visit. Well, being the educator of the South that I am —  we had to cross a state line — at least one. So we did. I was charged (by my family) on a mission to deliver some very important CAKE. My brother and his Misses forgot the top tiers of their wedding cakes (his and hers). So I met my brother halfway-ish while they were visiting her family in MS over the Christmas holiday. Thus giving us a perfectly good excuse for a little Road Trip. It was so funny. All the Northerners (Seatle Folk) wanted to see a cotton field and eat corn bread. Unfortunately we didn’t see a cotton field and nor did we eat any corn bread on this trip — however; along the way I got 10 truckers to honk their horns. It was epic.

You see, I come all that way and he won’t even turn around and take a picture with me. How rude.

So there is probably something that you didn’t know about me… I. am. an. Excellent. Jumper. Except sometimes I lose my shoes.

Oh how I love this state. And yes, Alabama, you are beautiful!

A gentle reminder to us all. I was trying to wave at the locals… but they just wouldn’t wave back. Again, How rude!

Nothin’s better than an ice cold condensatin’ Pepsi… unless it’s a Coke. Some old wall art that can be found around Reform or Gordo, AL… I can never remember which one. Oh well.

Photos are compliments of VS.