Jiang Zhiqiang: The Space Between Real & Unreal Body

I went to the Shanghai Sculpture Space today — and finally, it was open! Note to self: they are not open on Mondays and they close at 4 p.m. Long story short — this space is really amazing (longer post to come). There were a bunch of pieces that I really loved, but this one was my absolute favorite. I love her expression, her stance, her… color. I think there is something really beautiful about her. And there’s something really nice in her eyes. It’s like you can see an iris yet she’s all one color — LOVE IT.

Artist Statement: The molding of [the] human body constitutes a relationship between real and unreal spaces. With the rapid andvance[ment] of human society, man is giving special concern over the space man relies on to survive.


Today is my Momma’s Birthday!!! Today, (6/18) I am thankful for my Mom. She has to be one of the most wonderful people in the whole wide world. I love my mother sooooooo much. There is nothing stronger than the love my mother has for my brother and me — we have been so loved. Momma, Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. I wish I was there to spend it with you.



Sexy Beast…

This weekend we went to The Shanghai Sculpture Space. This place is super cool. We spent so much time outside, that it closed by the time we made it to the inside exhibition space. But that’s okay… because now I can definitely go back with my Big Bro and Sis when they come into town! Woohoo. Anyways… what I’m really here to tell you about today is that there was piece of artwork that I really loved – maybe cause I feel as though I relate to it. And it makes me happy… and it’s just wonderful. Check this baby out!!

World, meet the Fat Thinker, Fat Thinker… meet my wonderful blog readers!

The Glamour Shots…

I told you that this guy is a sexy beast!

I thought y’all might appreciate this! I know, I know… y’all are jealous. I hope y’all had a great Memorial Day. Instead of Memorial Day… we get next Monday off for the Dragon Boat Festival. But — I think I’ll have to work on Saturday… flurf.


Today I am thankful for: not getting run over by a bus… there was a very close call this morning.

Birmingham, AL: The Mountain


Y’all. You have to check out this new radio station that’s local to Birmingham, AL. They play some of the best music EVER. Some of it’s underground, some is 90s, some is local stuff, some Indie Rock, and some alternative music. Do you remember Reg’s Coffee House? He’s on there too! Oh, it’s the best EVER!

The Mountain

Birmingham's Best 2010

The Mountain was actually nominated as the BEST radio station in Birmingham. AND they aren’t even on the Radio! They are only online. GENIUS. Check out all of Birmingham’s Best here. I agree with some of the list, not so much with others. Nonetheless… It’s still a pretty good list.


Today I am thankful for: Awesome new music found by my boyfriend.


The Art Building

I love art (and CAKE).

Even though I majored in Fine Art in undergrad, sometimes I have a hard time remembering that I love art . AND furthermore — I’m good at it. Far better than I could ever hope to be in Architecture. Yeah, I know… Let’s start the pitty party. Back to the topic at hand, I love getting immersed in other people’s work. Spending a few minutes getting lost in the strokes of a charcoal drawing might be one of my favorite past times. So again, as I was patiently waiting to get things done in the wood shop… I went on a little tour…

Both of these pieces are made out of electrical tape and line the walls in the art building.


another detail

It’s probably obvious that I LOVE these huge drawings. I love that the artist didn’t erase the earlier marking and kept moving the placement of the foot, head, and horns. Also, as it was taught to me… REMEMBER: the eraser is as much a tool as your pencil. ughhhhh… I miss drawing. It’s my goal to start back this winter — no excuses.

All drawings/artworks are property of Clemson University as I don’t know who the artist are. Please feel free to let me know.


I am in love with really cool graphics. I want to start posting more of them because I think they are really inspiring and they help me think more creatively for school. Especially when I begin to do board layouts.

I ran across this Beastie Boys poster here. And then I found out who the artist is. Its Federico Mancosu – and long story short – he’s the bomb-dot-com. The simplicity and minimalism is perfect. Look below to find more posters!

Beastie Boys : Sabotage

Michael Jackson : Thriller

Milano Calibro 9

Red Hot Chili Peppers : Scar Tissue

Una Lucertola con la Pelle di Donna

Jamiroquai : Visual Insanity

Un Americano a Roma

Check out Federico Mancosu HERE at his website.

P . L . T . W .

The Invisible Man

Liu Bolin

“Liu Bolin, the 35 year old artist from Shandong, China has mastered the art of camouflaging himself against virtually any background.

The talented Liu Bolin says his art is a protest against the actions of the Government, who shut down his art studio in 2005 and persecutes artists. It’s about not fitting into modern society. Despite problems with Chinese authorities, Liu’s works are appreciated at an international level.

Liu often works over 10 hours straight on his art to achieve masterful perfection.”  (Quoted text borrowed from this website)

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Lisa Kellner

Fast Food Pyre

Artist Statement:

Rooted in the language of decay, erosion and disease, my work merges intricate microcosms with immense topographies.  My process involves the accumulation of minutia to form a critical mass.  Using systems of patterning, layering and translucency, I create a world of imposing forms.  I approach these shapes by working both sculpturally and in a two dimensional format.  My interest lies in the interaction of these abstracted shapes with each other as well as the architecture of the space in which they exist.  In all of my work there is an awareness of location, whether a centimeter wide or an aerial view of earth, that facilitates the exploration of place and its emotive aspects.

Below the Brind (Ode to the Gulf)

I found Lisa Kellner when I began looking for art that was made in response to the crisis in the Gulf (which I will post those images later — more research). I think she’s really cool. I love that her art has so much depth and dimension. I first thought that her works were all water colors, but most are made from Enamel, acrylic, ink and pigment  — COOL. I will have to make an honest effort to try and attempt what she is doing.

Here are more examples:

Facing West

Lloyd I

Lloyd II

Losing's Less That Winner


Love is a Place

The Abandon of Neglect (detail): Notice the White Circles

Sculpture: Touch Me

Almost Perfect (detail)

All of these images are from Lisa Kellner’s website. Check her out!