GOOD DOG : Chattanooga, TN


I love Chattanooga! And this restaurant has to be at least one reason why. Read what GOOD DOG has to say about their own awesome place:

GOOD DOG is a quick-service restaurant that serves great food in the form of all-beef, natural casing hot dogs, the very best veggie dogs, homemade chili, hand-cut twice-fried fries, fresh salads with hand-crafted dressings and freshly baked cupcakes.  We are committed to making fresh, fast food accessible to all while keeping it affordable, fun and socially responsible.

GOOD DOG believes in GOOD things, GOOD food, GOOD folks, GOOD times and a GOOD earth.  Our restaurant was built using re-claimed and re-purposed materials.  We strive in daily operation to minimize waste, promote recycling and create the smallest environmental footprint possible.  Our french fry oil is collected and used as bio-diesel fuel.  We believe that one fry at a time, we can help to make a difference.

AWESOME, right? We were off in the North Shore District in Chattanooga (checking out 1 of the 6 gear shops we looked at during our awesome road trip) and I pass by a door way that looks something like this…

ummm… yes please.

So, I see a Cupcake with a halo and then a Hot Dog with a halo and I’m as good as done. This is where we were meant to be. Check out the menu.

I got the BBQ Dog and my boyfriend got the Chicago dog. They were EPIC. So epic that I forgot to take pics of them (sad day, I know). I was just way too excited.  But check out my other pics.

Crown Molding and Door Frames

Their counter tops are accented with old crown molding and old door frames. I love this.



These guys rock! Check out the main website here and check out their blog here and make sure you show your support and go there.

Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, TN

For our first stop along our Road Trip we stopped by Chattanooga to check out a really cool gear shop, Rock Creek (blog), and to my great surprise we found this great and wonderful city. I don’t think I’ve spent anytime in Chattanooga since the early 90s and thats when we did the typical Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, and Rock City. That’s all great and wonderful but the city is booming.

Downtown Chattanooga Map (compliments of Wikipedia)

The weekend that we came to look around, they had just opened their pedestrian bridge, The Walnut Street Bridge, to our four legged furry friends. What’s so great about this bridge is that it connects the North Shore to areas like greater downtown, an awesome art museum (The Hunter Museum of American Art), and the Tennessee Aquarium. It also connects the green-way system on both sides of the Tennessee River.

Beneath the Pedestrian Bridge

I love that Blue color that they use. It was on both their pedestian bridge as well as their automobile bridge.

Up Top on the Pedestrian Bridge

Hunter Museum of American Art

Sculpture in front of the Museum (I unfortunately didn't write down the artist's name)

Detail Shot

Go to Chattanooga. It was so awesome. More Chattanooga fun to come 🙂