The Changing Times

IMG_3397I’m so happy it’s staying lighter later… but what is up with all of this cold weather?? My sinus’s are going crazy and caused my poor little body to go into an over the counter medication over load… anyone else?

IMG_2711I’m pretty sure people at work thought I might have a problem–whatever. All I have to say… Nyquil is a god-send. Taking 2 days off work; however — not so great.

IMG_2651I am very ready for moderately cooler weather so I can spend more time with this little guy outside.

IMG_2704Life has been super busy with LOTS of travel. We took the scenic route home 2 weekends ago and it was wonderful AND we saved on the gas mileage even if it was a little bit longer. But anything is better than being on I-65 for 4 hours!

Things I’m looking forward to in the next 2 months: Birthday weekend, upcoming birthday spa appointment (gift from my parents!), boyfriends spring semester ending, an awesome May Wedding, and a getaway to Europe… in 47 days. I’m ready for everything to hurry up and get here!


Upcoming Posts: Top 10 Spring Make-up Must Have’s from Mary Kay, The Best Chicken Salad Recipe — ever, AND a Healthy Blueberry Muffin Recipe. Keep an eye out for ’em!






Where I’ve been…

I’ve been away. Well actually I’ve been staying in my same spot, I’ve just been really busy. Last week was a seventy hour week, the week before was similar and the week before… well I’ve forgotten… but I’m pretty sure I was busy. So in pictures, this is what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks or so. (Above, my hunny at sunset).

I turned 26. The cakes were awesome. I feel old. The wrinkles are settling in. Dad took us to my favorite restaurant in the whole world… DARWELL’S. Oh, I love that place. Everything in there is good. I’ve started trying new things and we heard Mr. Darwell himself say that you can get anything as a side, you could get prime rib as a side. Now that’s my kind of place. And you’ll see that I got my own very special Darwell hand drawn cup. Go there. It’s the Bomb. dot. Com.

We saw this little gem on our way to see dad. Nothing better than an old school fast food joint. I think these old buildings are so cool.

Barq’s bottles. There’s a bottling plant in Gulfport, MS. I’ve never seen Barq’s bottles outside of MS.

Cooler full of crawfish… waiting for the boiler.

A visitor at work.

Sunset on the Bay during a break at work. You can’t beat this view.

Dinner one night. Toast with parmesan, fresh tomatoes, with avocado and black pepper and sea salt.

A lock on one of the service vans at work. Now can you look at me and tell me that’s not awesome? Yeah, I thought not.

One night we went down to the Local’s part of the bay and brought our dinner down there with us. It was so nice to sit down there with no one else on the beach and just relax.

Toes at sunset.


Today I am thankful for: an end to the 70 hour weeks.

Pirates Cove: Josephine, AL


Just yesterday I took my bestest friends to a local spot I’ve been hearing about. My friends down here have called me a Yankee because I didn’t know what the hell a Bushwacker was. For God’s sake, a yankee of all things. So we went to find out what it was indeed! And Pirates Cove is apparently the place to go.


Bushwacker: Cream of Coconut, Kahlua, Bacardi, Cream de Cacau, Half-and-Half, and Vanilla Ice Cream.

It was pretty tasty. And in the summer I’m sure they could be quite dangerous! Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the summer. I must find a boat. I digress… Pirates Cove has de-lish-ous burgers and you can bring your four legged friends! They keep a beautiful bull mastiff on staff who can do many tricks like shake and beg. She was lovely. I hear that in the summer you can wait upwards of an hour and a half! We enjoyed it a lot.

Today I am thankful for: my best friend being in town. All the way from Vienna. We have vegged-out all day and watched the first season of Downton Abbey. We’re only slightly obsessed. Love it!

Wedding Hair: Congratulations Tina!

This weekend we traveled up to Birmingham for Miss Tina’s wedding. And she looked soooooooo beautiful. As y’all know, I was doing the hair. And that’s no small task. Luckily, everything ran very smoothly. No one was nervous, everyone was really excited and happy, and there was a lot of estrogen in one room… luckily, I survived. Do y’all remember my test run? See below.

At the time, I thought this was really pretty. And then we found out it could be much better.

Before… and then…

I’m so happy it went well. Congratulations Tina. You looked so beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful and very happy marriage. And Kat, how is it that we managed to not take one single picture together?! We only see each other once every other year and when we’re out of the country! I love you, girl!


In other news, today celebrates the end to Mardi Gras. This was my first year of parades and I wish I could say I went to more. Too bad, so sad – This seems to be the story of my life right now:  Work, work all week long, Punching that clock from dusk till dawn. Counting the days till Friday night, That’s when all the conditions are right. For a good time… I need a good time.” Thank you Mr. Alan Jackson. These lyrics couldn’t be any more true… my girls are coming to see me this week. I. CANNOT. WAIT.


Today I am thankful for: only 2.5 more days until I get to see my very bestest friend.

Stedman’s Landing

We are really beginning to learn all of the backroads and secrets to our new little town. We stumbled upon this little gem not too long ago. It’s a “park” at the end of a street that leads to the bay. I’m really beginning to fall in love with boardwalks. Here is what the placard had to say:

Established in 1852 and used as a community wharf until destroyed by the 1916 hurricane.  The wharf was an important factor in the life of the Montrose community. Located in an inward curve of Mobile Bay, the wharf was quite long because it had to reach the natural deep water traveled by the bayboats along the eastern shore.  The wharf began at the foot of Sibley street, where the bluff was about fifty feet high requiring a gradual slope downward.  The slope allowed the freight car to go down the wharf by its own momentum on wooden tracks.  This was a flat car for general use with portable sides used for certain commodities such as pottery ware.  The return trip up the wharf with loaded car or cart was pulled by mole or oxen.

Today I am thankful for: my boy not having school tonight 🙂

Date Night

That’s right. My wonderful boyfriend took me on a date. Of course we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves… but I did take some sexy pictures of our food! He took me to the lovely Camelia Cafe in Fairhope. I know what you’re thinking… aren’t you suppose to be in Beaufort? I somehow managed to come home late Friday night. ON WITH THE PICTURES!! WARNING: food porn…

Appetizer:  Tomato salad with peas, okra, corn, nueske’s bacon, balsamaic vinaigrette and herb aioli.

Appetizer:  Crispy Georgia quail stuffed with Conecuh Co. sausage and goat cheese with tiny green beans, green tomato chutney and pomegranate molasses. This comes highly recommended. I was only allowed one bite and it was amazing!

Main:  Grilled 8 oz fillet of beef with creamed spinach, roasted fingerling potatoes, poached egg, truffle oil, parmesan and sauce bordelaise.

Main:  Leg of Lamb with asparagus, roasted fingerling potatoes and more deliciousness that I cannot remember or find on the menu online.

Dessert: Fosters Jubilee with flambe bananas, cherries jubilee, candied nuts and vanilla ice cream.

Today I am thankful for: my love. I love that boy. He gets me.

A New Year: 2012

Cheers Y’all! Y’all know that I like to introduce you to things in my life, so without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to a Bang Bang Chang. Oh that’s right. It’s the perfect amount of sassy, sexy, and southern and I’m proud it’s named after me! Made by the fabulous Steva (the best bar tender in the whole wide world!!). You can follow her @stealmyrecords. Check her out.

Me and Dad at New Year’s Eve dinner. It was soooo delicious.

Another beautiful sunset off the bay. This was taken right after our company bike ride.

Today I am thankful for: the holiday’s being over… you know what I mean?

I’m listening to: I’m gonna be (500 miles): The Proclaimers… girls, you remember this one??

The Weather Outside IS Frightful


We’re on our way home from Fairhope and we’re in the middle of some scary weather. So to let my Hunny concentrate, I thought I’d let y’all see what I’ve been seeing outside my window! For those of you from Alabama, we just passed that very special sign… “Go to church or the Devil will get you.” at least it’s entertaining. The picture above was taken on I65 in Montgomery.

Today I am thankful for: not driving, going home, going to a basketball game tonight, and for getting to see all my puppies soon!!! Can’t wait! And my bestie who is home from Vienna!!!