We’re Farming, y’all!

Well kinda. I don’t know if I have mentioned it… but I’ve been trying to start a new hobby – GARDENING. I spoke to my boss about it, and we’re going to create a company garden! Here’s a before and after shot! It’s going to be completely organic and its humongous! Or rather, it’s a mini-farm.Hanschen Klein- Farming


Y’all know me, I had to create a plan. We’re designing the first of a few (I hope) LEED platinum houses in a small development area and we’ll be able to plant a garden next to the pool house. Look at what all we’re planting!! I can’t wait to see the big sunflowers and all those TOMATOES….


Do y’all have any tips for “gardening” or farming?? We have our farmer’s almanac and we’re going to do a soils report… but what is the best way to organically put nutrients back into the soil without using fertilizer? All I know about gardening is that MiracleGrow is a god send… go figure. And we’ll compost… but that just doesn’t seem like it’ll be enough.

IMG_3392Happy feet.  Happy planting, y’all.


Today I am thankful: that my father is not in the Emergency Room. Poor daddy.


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