Baby Jockey

Surprise, we took the plunge! We rescued a sweet baby Australian Shepherd… and when I say baby — I mean to say, he is my baby and already spoiled rotten! He’s 2 years old and he was a farm dog who has a lot of energy. His current owner was put in a bad situation and could no longer take care of him. The owners family suggested to take Jockey to THE POUND and he just couldn’t do it. One of my dearest friends put on facebook that there was a full breed Australian Shepherd that needed a good home. And he found one!! We renamed him Jockey and he already knows his new name.

His breed is typically used for herding, and believe me, he know’s how to do it. Actually, it’s really obnoxious when you run with him because he will try to herd you! Oh, I love him so much! I was really worried about him at first. He couldn’t really find his voice and he was whining a lot. I was so worried that he was having separation anxiety. So I did what any concerned doggy mom does — I googled what to do! You can already tell what kind of mother I’m going to be! I found this great blog with tons of helpful tips about what you can do to help your pup. He’s responded really well to our methods. The best and hardest one is to ignore him and to not coddle him when he begins to whine. But all-in-all, we’ve decided that this whole “puppy” thing is for the birds. We don’t have to worry about him chewing up the house and we’re not having to potty train! What a blessing!

He is constantly making me laugh at all the silly things he does and he has such a great personality. I could not have asked for anything better. Of course, we are still working on things but he is such a quick learner. I know, I’m such a proud momma.

Yeah, I think he’s settling in quite well. Look at my sweet little boy.

Today I am thankful for having an opportunity to come to Beaufort. It’s nice having a good repore with my coworkers that I speak with on a daily basis over the phone. I’m also thankful I got to speak to my grandmother — I love her. AND that I’ll be in one of my favorite cities tomorrow… CHARLESTON!

last 2 photo’s taken by NoelR and edited by AAC

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