12 lbs. down!!

As promised (a while ago…) here is a picture of me on the stand up paddle board. Oh I’m going to have to get one of these. Yes, I’m wearing a life jacket. No, it’s not because I was scared… I was actually kayaking right before and didn’t bother taking it off. But anyways… YES, I am 12 lbs down. But a little update. Last week or so, I was still juicing and only juicing. But I began getting really strong pains in my side — what I thought was appendicitis or gall stones — but really it was my body telling me that I might need to have a little more food. So, I had some egg drop soup and all was well again. So now, under strict orders from both coworkers and family, I am eating one meal a day and juicing the rest of the time. I’m still trying to stay away from my favorites (anything white or yellow i.e. bread, cheese,… CAKE) but I think the detox is going well. One night I made some soup and “overstuffed” myself and I have never felt so uncomfortable!! So it’s really teaching me to eat smaller portions and to only take in what I really need. Before the pounds were melting off… and now it’s more like a slow dribble. But hey, I’m down 12 lbs. I think if I keep doing what I’m doing — I could be down 5 more in about 2 weeks. I’ll soon be getting into the debate of whether I’m gaining fat or muscle because I’ve been exercising so much more than I used to. Hey, I don’t care as long as I look good — oh, how vain!

My favorite juice is still: Watermelon juice. It hydrates and it’s sweet and tasty. I made a really good one recently with beets (I love the color), 2 bags of carrots, peaches, mango, apples and pineapple. It was really tasty and filling. My coworker called it Redneck Hawaiian Punch! Watch out — it’s pear season around here. And I have a bag full of them from one of my coworkers who went picking in our businesses tree! (shhhhhhh… don’t tell)

Today I am thankful for staying so so busy. And for Noel starting a new semester at school, for Dad starting his physical therapy, and Mom getting a fresh start to her work week. Now, if things could just settle down and we could extend the weekend to be 3 days instead of 2… whatdoyasay…. OH. And for Claire (one of my sweet college roommates) marrying her love! You can find her here!!!


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