12 lbs. down!!

As promised (a while ago…) here is a picture of me on the stand up paddle board. Oh I’m going to have to get one of these. Yes, I’m wearing a life jacket. No, it’s not because I was scared… I was actually kayaking right before and didn’t bother taking it off. But anyways… YES, I am 12 lbs down. But a little update. Last week or so, I was still juicing and only juicing. But I began getting really strong pains in my side — what I thought was appendicitis or gall stones — but really it was my body telling me that I might need to have a little more food. So, I had some egg drop soup and all was well again. So now, under strict orders from both coworkers and family, I am eating one meal a day and juicing the rest of the time. I’m still trying to stay away from my favorites (anything white or yellow i.e. bread, cheese,… CAKE) but I think the detox is going well. One night I made some soup and “overstuffed” myself and I have never felt so uncomfortable!! So it’s really teaching me to eat smaller portions and to only take in what I really need. Before the pounds were melting off… and now it’s more like a slow dribble. But hey, I’m down 12 lbs. I think if I keep doing what I’m doing — I could be down 5 more in about 2 weeks. I’ll soon be getting into the debate of whether I’m gaining fat or muscle because I’ve been exercising so much more than I used to. Hey, I don’t care as long as I look good — oh, how vain!

My favorite juice is still: Watermelon juice. It hydrates and it’s sweet and tasty. I made a really good one recently with beets (I love the color), 2 bags of carrots, peaches, mango, apples and pineapple. It was really tasty and filling. My coworker called it Redneck Hawaiian Punch! Watch out — it’s pear season around here. And I have a bag full of them from one of my coworkers who went picking in our businesses tree! (shhhhhhh… don’t tell)

Today I am thankful for staying so so busy. And for Noel starting a new semester at school, for Dad starting his physical therapy, and Mom getting a fresh start to her work week. Now, if things could just settle down and we could extend the weekend to be 3 days instead of 2… whatdoyasay…. OH. And for Claire (one of my sweet college roommates) marrying her love! You can find her here!!!


Day 8: Detox

green juice: 4 stalks celery, 1 bag spinach, 2 banana’s, 3 kiwi’s (they’re such an awkward fruit), 3 green apples, 1/2″ ginger

I’m still going. I haven’t given up. I’ve lost 8 lbs. I think it would be more but I’ve been using a little helper that I don’t think is helping me at all. Let me explain.

I’ve been using Naked Juice. But I only started doing this this weekend because I ran out of time to juice. When I juice, I always try to juice make 2 different juices at a time. At a minimum this takes me 2 hours including clean up. Which does not make for very exciting evenings at home. This weekend we went to see the Blue Angels and we had a big birthday the night before, so I didn’t want to spend my time juicing instead of being with loved-ones. So I improvised. Now it’s a crutch. It obviously isn’t a bad thing to use but it’s not helping me lose weight–it is helping me maintain weight. So I’m going to finish my remaining bottles and keep going with my juicing.

On average, I’ve been losing around 1.5 lbs. a day! I don’t feel very weak anymore. I’ve been trying to start running again. I’ve noticed that I can’t run as far without feeling very tired but I’m running again. I think water is really the key. We can put our bodies through a lot. It can be without food, but it cannot be without water. And I’ve noticed that I am incredibly thirsty for water. When I’m hungry and it’s not my time to start having a juice, I drink water. And I’ve finished a case of water just this week. I used to only drink one bottle of water in one week. Talk about a change in lifestyle!

Pensacola is home of the Blue Angels. I don’t care who you are… jets are cool. Jets are even cooler when they do a flyover and the boat next to you is playing the soundtrack to TopGun. Those are some sexy planes. It makes you feel like a little kid when you look at them fly by with your mouth wide open, hitting your neighbor – making sure that they see exactly what you’re seeing. They are tons, TONS of people and it was all really exciting. I can’t wait for next year.

Today I am thankful to see my boy go from 27, 28 to the big 29.

By the way, I went long boarding today. I’ll share pics with you tomorrow.

Day 2/3: Detox

Hello all. I am currently on Day 3 of my detox. 3.3 lbs down! Thought I would make a quick post and show y’all my juices.

fresh morning oj: 1 bag of clementines, several oranges

beet juice

peaches and clementines: 5 peaches and 1 bag of clementines

green juice: 4 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1 bunch of greens, 5 green apples, 1.5″ of ginger

yellow watermelon juice


By the way, did you know we had some exciting weather? There was a water spout in Fairhope.

source unknown… edited by me.


Today I am thankful for: a quick day at work.

Day 1: Detox

Thank Goodness. The first 24 hours are over. And even though it’s Day 2, I thought I would update you on the results from Day 1. The Good News: I’m down 2 lbs!! The Bad News: I’M FREAKIN’ HUNGRY! No, I’m just kidding. I’ll probably reserve that saying for Day 3. My coworkers keep trying to persuade me to go out to Waffle House or Burger King or Guthries — it’s so hard not to give in! But I’m still hanging in there. The headaches have begun. I thought my morning drink would help alleviate the pain but it hasn’t much. It’s been difficult trying NOT to pop any advil’s to help. But I think, I”ll just have to wait it out. The only other strange side effect — I have to pee all the time. And when I say all the time, I mean it.  It’s quite obnoxious! Moving on…

Here’s what I had to drink yesterday!

beet juice: 2 beets, 2 lbs of carrots, 3 green apples, 2″ ginger, 4 stalks of celery = 48 oz

This juice is really tasty and refreshing. I love juices that have ginger in them. Just think, I didn’t even know what a beet was 2 days ago.

nastiness concoction: 22 roma tomatoes (small), 1/4 onion, 1 cucmber, 6 stalks celery, 1/2 green pepper, 1 red pepper –  sliced lime – to go

Okay. This one was gross. I tried so hard to like it. But I think the reason it tasted so foul was because of the onion. I can’t stand onions!  I was trying to stay open minded; however, I just don’t think that I will ever be converted.  So, if I ever try this one out again, there will be NO onion. AND I think it’s important with tomato juice to make it fresh for every drink. Because when you come back to it in a few hours… you find a science project in your fridge where all equal parts have separated.

oj: 1 bag of nectarines, 3 naval oranges

I needed something that I knew I would like for dinner. And that’s freshly juiced oranges. Oh they were delicious. I completed depleted most, if not all, of the fruit in the kitchen. I think my goal right now will be to find a really good vegetable juice recipe that I can fall in love with. I’m still requesting any recipes anyone might be able to offer. I think I’ll attempt the mean green tonight.

Today I am thankful for: A great 2nd day. Trying to stay strong, trying to stay positive. PLTW.


Well there’s no better way of saying it. I’m about to start detoxing. I’m sick of saying, “my diet starts tomorrow” and the inevitable “yeah right” eye roll. When I told my better half that I wanted to begin a detox diet, he said that I needed to watch this documentary called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. It takes you on a weight loss journey with an Australian who has an illness and wants to cure it by eating healthier. So he kicks off his new health by doing a 60 day juice diet — drinking nothing but the micronutrients of fruits and vegetables. I am, essentially, doing this as well.

Like any addict, I had one last binge week before entering “food rehab” and I probably gained an extra 5 lbs doing it. I had my last go at my favorites: Chick-fil-a, Guthries, Krazy Kookie Ice Cream, Sonic, 5 Guys… Etc. While being a complete slob all week, I did try to make it a point to spend my time researching this whole juicing thing. As this diet/lifestyle change gets going, for all intents and purposes, I’m about to become a vegan.

I’ve been learning about my fruits and veggies. Today I learned what a beet was (isn’t that sad) and I think I’m going to have to become familiar with many more. I found my local farmers market and I was amazed at just how much stuff I could get for under $50.00. I have been researching new juice recipes, how to make the most of what I’m using, what to expect, how often I should exercise, how often I’ll need to juice and even joined a forum. While I truly love food, I need to get my act together and take control over my food intake.

My expectations are unfortunately high. Which is never good. But I think I’ll get good results from doing this. I’m a bit anxious about the first 3 days… They are suppose to be the toughest. As would be expected, I’ll be more irritable than normal, headaches will increase with less food, I will be very tired, and I heard with the added fiber you have an increase of bowel movements — yeah for me.

I hope I’ll find your support on this weird journey. I’ll attempt toupdate you everyday on what’s going on, if any weight has been lost, what recipes I’m using, and how I’m feeling.

So bottoms up — here’s to juicing.


Today I am thankful for getting to see my dad today. He is heeling so well.

July 4th Playlist

I was raised on excellent music. And the 4th always makes me think of old classic hits. My mom has awesome taste in music and she just learned how to make playlists in iTunes (God love her). I think that this is a playlist that would make her proud. I know there are some good ones in there. And don’t be hateful, song 20 is our National Anthem down here. Happy July 4th. Just think, this time last year… I was in Beijing after a hard days climb on The Great Wall.

Drop me a line, let me know your favorite Summer Classics.


Today I’m thankful to see my Grandfather turning the ripe age of 91. Happy Birthday Gramps. And for a good 2 solid years with my favorite boy.