Vienna, Austria: The Museum of Natural History

Ahhhh, The Museum of Natural History. Unexpectedly, it was my favorite museum in ALL or Austria. Content wise. I must say, I was incredibly disappointed in the two Modern Art Museums that I went to during my visit. While, yes, they did have some “bigger name” artists; I felt as though they had (let’s be honest) some of their crappier work. Again, I digress. This museum was great. And it housed the very first thing I learned about in my Survey of Art History class. The Venus of Willendorf.

Kinda a sex lady, don’t you think? For starters she’s one of the oldest intact artifacts around (but you may want to double check before you really quote me on that)… she is approximately 26,000 years old. DID YOU HEAR THAT? 26,000 years old!!! She’s a fertility goddess with over-exaggerated features. She has her lovely lady-lumps, some big ole birthing hips, and rock-star hair. She doesn’t stand up on her own and doesn’t have facial features. And I think she’s b.e.a.U-tiful. Weird, right? I know. But if you have a love for art history… you get it!

Yep. I’m rather strange. But I was SO excited.

Oh what BIG teeth you have Mr. Scary Bear. There were so many really great animals in the museum. They had a HUMONGOUS whale skeleton in there. I honestly think that I (and a few friends) could lay flat inside of a whales mouth.

The exhibits takes you through evolution, and then goes through all of the major “species”… like fish, birds, reptiles (skip the snakes!!), sea creatures, butterflies, big Huge animals… and the list goes on. I forgot how cool these museums are. EVEN when everything is in German!

This. Was. Great. They had an animated Dinosaur!!!! He moves!! I’m not quite sure why, but I really get a kick out it when the children scream. I kept thinking about the movie Night at the Museum, and how the big dinosaur skeleton asks like a dog — if you click on the video you can see how the dino’s tail wags 🙂 It makes me happy.

Baby elephant on the front steps of the museum. Too cute.

Today I am thankful for: NOT being jetlagged!! Woo hoo. AND a 4 day work week!!

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