Fairhope, AL: Arts and Crafts Festival

This weekend was a fun filled jam-packed weekend. To begin, it was the weekend for the famed Arts and Craft’s Festival–this event basically shuts the city down and becomes incredibly pedestrian friendly within a 3 block radius. There is lots of art and lots of festival-esque type food. That’s right, if you look closely you can see “alligator on a stick”! Oh festival food–not so good for a diet.

We also participated in a 10K fun run around the city called the Spring Fever Chase. My hunny came in 4th place in his age group–with NO prior training! I’m so proud. And I successfully finished… which was certainly my goal.

We celebrated the day not with “alligator on a stick” but with a big juicy succulent Awesome Burger. Oh my goodness… delish! I have missed those babies!

We finished the day with a beautiful sunset. It was a great day. Did I mention that I ran a 10K?? Congratulations to me!


Today I am thankful for getting to see my DAD!

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