Food Team: Baru, NOLA

So I was recently in NOLA for a workshop. And I could never go to NOLA and not see one of my bestest friends, Sara. She took me to an awesome restaurant that is now at the tip-top of my favorites list. [REMINDER TO SELF: Make a Favorites List]. It’s called Baru and it’s a Bistro and Tapa’s Bar. The food was exsquisite and I was the perfect amount of happy when I left. Here is what we ordered… and NO judgements… it was a girls night.

TAPAS >> CEVICHE: gulf fish| leche de tigre | cilantro | pickled onions | avocado | chips

TAPAS >> MAZORCA: roasted corn | salao cheese | pink sauce | potato sticks

TAPAS >> OSTRAS FRITAS: deep fried louisiana oysters | cilantro aioli | carmelized onions

TAPAS >> CHUZOS de CARNE: grilled skewers of skirt steak | chimichurri | bollo

SALAD >> CAMARONES: coriander crusted louisana shrimp | mango | julienned red onion | avocado | tomato | greens | citrus vinaigrette

DESSERT >> DOLCE LECHE: off the menu and it was yummy

DRINK >> MANGO PINNAPPLE JUICE: an off the menu specialty

The atmosphere was perfect. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful — and judgement free! The food – oh, the food – was DIVINE. What was my favorite? The fried oysters, BY FAR. It was the perfect balance of sweet and savory. My least favorite… probably the CEVICHE. It was a little too citrus-y for me. The MAZORCA was the perfect balance with all of the other spices on the table. And the DRINKs were incredibly refreshing. I expected to walk away stuffed. But instead, as my father likes to say, I was content.

You like how there is a big bite taken out of my dolce leche? I have a problem remembering to take the picture… until after I have eaten what was on my plate!

Oh yeah, that’s my girl.

Today I am thankful for: a date night tonight. AND the frozen pina colada mix my dad gave me. He’s so awesome.


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