Wedding Hair: Congratulations Tina!

This weekend we traveled up to Birmingham for Miss Tina’s wedding. And she looked soooooooo beautiful. As y’all know, I was doing the hair. And that’s no small task. Luckily, everything ran very smoothly. No one was nervous, everyone was really excited and happy, and there was a lot of estrogen in one room… luckily, I survived. Do y’all remember my test run? See below.

At the time, I thought this was really pretty. And then we found out it could be much better.

Before… and then…

I’m so happy it went well. Congratulations Tina. You looked so beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful and very happy marriage. And Kat, how is it that we managed to not take one single picture together?! We only see each other once every other year and when we’re out of the country! I love you, girl!


In other news, today celebrates the end to Mardi Gras. This was my first year of parades and I wish I could say I went to more. Too bad, so sad – This seems to be the story of my life right now:  Work, work all week long, Punching that clock from dusk till dawn. Counting the days till Friday night, That’s when all the conditions are right. For a good time… I need a good time.” Thank you Mr. Alan Jackson. These lyrics couldn’t be any more true… my girls are coming to see me this week. I. CANNOT. WAIT.


Today I am thankful for: only 2.5 more days until I get to see my very bestest friend.


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