DIY Earring Organizer

So I’ve been feeling pretty crafty lately. And I’ve been seeing all of these earring organizers on Pinterest. And y’all know I love Pinterest. And I got to thinking, that’s got to be pretty easy and it was.

Here’s what you need: A Frame, Paint (if needed), Tin Snips, Metal Panelling (or a chicken wire kind of material) and some Picture Hanging Hardware.

So I picked up a frame that was half off at Hobby Lobby. I removed the glass and got to painting the frame. I like white. I did a few coats.

So then my man helped me out. We borrowed some tin snips from work and got to cutting the metal panel down to the correct size. After that we set the metal panel in place and then folded the little brackets down.

Afterward, I screwed in the hanging hardware  on both corners of the frame you may only need one depending on the size of your frame. And then you’re all set. It’s ready to be hung!

All that’s left is hanging up your favorite jewels. There are pro’s and con’s to this type of jewelry hanger. If you have earrings with funny backs, it makes things a little more difficult but all-in-all it can hang a lot of jewelry and with a lot less clutter. Which I really like. I hope this helped anyone who plans on making an organizer. I’d love to see pictures of your very own. PLTW.


Today I am thankful for: getting some work done.

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