Stedman’s Landing

We are really beginning to learn all of the backroads and secrets to our new little town. We stumbled upon this little gem not too long ago. It’s a “park” at the end of a street that leads to the bay. I’m really beginning to fall in love with boardwalks. Here is what the placard had to say:

Established in 1852 and used as a community wharf until destroyed by the 1916 hurricane.  The wharf was an important factor in the life of the Montrose community. Located in an inward curve of Mobile Bay, the wharf was quite long because it had to reach the natural deep water traveled by the bayboats along the eastern shore.  The wharf began at the foot of Sibley street, where the bluff was about fifty feet high requiring a gradual slope downward.  The slope allowed the freight car to go down the wharf by its own momentum on wooden tracks.  This was a flat car for general use with portable sides used for certain commodities such as pottery ware.  The return trip up the wharf with loaded car or cart was pulled by mole or oxen.

Today I am thankful for: my boy not having school tonight 🙂

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