This past weekend I was in the mood to make a few things. I started with Sauce. My momma makes the best tomato sauce, but she hasn’t been making any lately… so I stepped up. It wasn’t easy. At first it was really bitter, and then it tasted like ketchup, and then it tasted like marinara, and then I let it think about what it had done, and then 2 days later with the help of somes ecret spices… it was just right. Want the recipe? Let me know.

Look at this beautiful close up shot…

You can’t make any kind of sauce without a wooden spoon. Ask my bestie’s Italian grandmother. This ones too clean and not burned yet, so it hasn’t been initiated yet.

Freezer containers–this is so that you can have homemade sauce anytime you want… so I froze it and then we cooked some pasta last night.

YUM in my TUM.


Pensacola Bay Bridge


Today I am thankful: to be home. 15 hour work days are just too long.

One thought on “Sauce…

  1. I love cake too but no idea how to do, you might post it here for my learning… lol. Anyway, sauce is looking very good. Please check my blog and keep writing here, I love to follow you. 🙂

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