Stedman’s Landing

We are really beginning to learn all of the backroads and secrets to our new little town. We stumbled upon this little gem not too long ago. It’s a “park” at the end of a street that leads to the bay. I’m really beginning to fall in love with boardwalks. Here is what the placard had to say:

Established in 1852 and used as a community wharf until destroyed by the 1916 hurricane.  The wharf was an important factor in the life of the Montrose community. Located in an inward curve of Mobile Bay, the wharf was quite long because it had to reach the natural deep water traveled by the bayboats along the eastern shore.  The wharf began at the foot of Sibley street, where the bluff was about fifty feet high requiring a gradual slope downward.  The slope allowed the freight car to go down the wharf by its own momentum on wooden tracks.  This was a flat car for general use with portable sides used for certain commodities such as pottery ware.  The return trip up the wharf with loaded car or cart was pulled by mole or oxen.

Today I am thankful for: my boy not having school tonight 🙂


This past weekend I was in the mood to make a few things. I started with Sauce. My momma makes the best tomato sauce, but she hasn’t been making any lately… so I stepped up. It wasn’t easy. At first it was really bitter, and then it tasted like ketchup, and then it tasted like marinara, and then I let it think about what it had done, and then 2 days later with the help of somes ecret spices… it was just right. Want the recipe? Let me know.

Look at this beautiful close up shot…

You can’t make any kind of sauce without a wooden spoon. Ask my bestie’s Italian grandmother. This ones too clean and not burned yet, so it hasn’t been initiated yet.

Freezer containers–this is so that you can have homemade sauce anytime you want… so I froze it and then we cooked some pasta last night.

YUM in my TUM.


Pensacola Bay Bridge


Today I am thankful: to be home. 15 hour work days are just too long.

Low Country

Last week I was in the Low Country of South Carolina. I had to take some pictures for y’all to see. There is nothing better than old houses and spanish moss. Although, it was news to me that in this area there is something called “swamp gas”… not so lovely when you have to smell that. It smells like a paper mill and a skunk… together! Anyways. I hope you like these pics. They were my fav’s. It’s a romantic little town. I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

Today I am thankful for: a quiet evening ahead.

Listening to: Tracy Chapman: In the Dark. I love her.

Date Night

That’s right. My wonderful boyfriend took me on a date. Of course we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves… but I did take some sexy pictures of our food! He took me to the lovely Camelia Cafe in Fairhope. I know what you’re thinking… aren’t you suppose to be in Beaufort? I somehow managed to come home late Friday night. ON WITH THE PICTURES!! WARNING: food porn…

Appetizer:  Tomato salad with peas, okra, corn, nueske’s bacon, balsamaic vinaigrette and herb aioli.

Appetizer:  Crispy Georgia quail stuffed with Conecuh Co. sausage and goat cheese with tiny green beans, green tomato chutney and pomegranate molasses. This comes highly recommended. I was only allowed one bite and it was amazing!

Main:  Grilled 8 oz fillet of beef with creamed spinach, roasted fingerling potatoes, poached egg, truffle oil, parmesan and sauce bordelaise.

Main:  Leg of Lamb with asparagus, roasted fingerling potatoes and more deliciousness that I cannot remember or find on the menu online.

Dessert: Fosters Jubilee with flambe bananas, cherries jubilee, candied nuts and vanilla ice cream.

Today I am thankful for: my love. I love that boy. He gets me.

Beaufort, SC

Well I’m in Beaufort, South Carolina. I have mixed feelings about it. I’m here on “business”. Except no one really knows what that business is. So I’m just working remotely… which is more than slightly frustrating when we have a big submission due this week. I was originally here for 1-2 weeks and now it’s a minimum of 3! Woulda been nice to know you guys!!! ANYWAYS. Yes, I am in Beaufort. I love the Low Country. This place is a like a mini Charleston. It has a lot of history, tons of beautiful homes, and islands everywhere… AND military men. If things go according to plan (and they haven’t thus far) I will hopefully have time to go to Charleston this weekend. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. By the way… did any one see that game last night? Hot Damn! Roll tide y’all.

Today I am thankful for: a good run, a boyfriend that organizes the kitchen, and a daddy that will calm down his little girl.

Listening to: Naughty Girl: Beyonce… hey it’s on Spotify. Don’t judge me!

A New Year: 2012

Cheers Y’all! Y’all know that I like to introduce you to things in my life, so without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to a Bang Bang Chang. Oh that’s right. It’s the perfect amount of sassy, sexy, and southern and I’m proud it’s named after me! Made by the fabulous Steva (the best bar tender in the whole wide world!!). You can follow her @stealmyrecords. Check her out.

Me and Dad at New Year’s Eve dinner. It was soooo delicious.

Another beautiful sunset off the bay. This was taken right after our company bike ride.

Today I am thankful for: the holiday’s being over… you know what I mean?

I’m listening to: I’m gonna be (500 miles): The Proclaimers… girls, you remember this one??