Post Christmas Review

My Christmas actually started a little early… well at least this gift did. I got a new computer at work, with all of the lovely accessories. I’ve been meaning to share this with all of you and have only now gotten around to it.

There has been so much going on, it seems as though there should really be a lot to say. My Christmas has only halfway happened–my bro and sis come into town tomorrow so we’ll do my families Christmas over New Years. We did Christmas with the BF’s family on Christmas day, as well as part of my family (grandparents + aunt), and then my adopted family (BFF).It was good to see 1/2 the family over Christmas but I’m ready to see my family when everyone gets into town.  Life is good in Fairhope. We’re just trying to settle in, but we’re finding out that we have already outgrown our little house. Looks like we’ll be moving again soon–its inevitable. I’m trying to get creative about storage but I just don’t want to pay for organizational racks. That kills me. There should be an easier way. I digress… here’s some Christmas pics.

I needed a little help opening my presents. Milly was so helpful.

Needless to say… I ate a good “healthy” helping of food that entire day.  This was the first of 3 large meals that day.  We got a call in the middle of our first meal to find out that my grandfather had a car accident.  Thankfully everything was fine. But what’s worse than getting one car stuck in the mud… getting 2 cars stuck in the mud… and then needing a 3rd to get the 2nd out. It was an eventful Christmas to say the least.

We’re headed back to B’ham this weekend and we’ll have a small family reunion when everyone gets into town. I’m ready to see the fam. Did y’all have a good Christmas? Was it eventful? Hopefully not.

Today I am thankful for: having a Blake in town. Did I mention we’re going on a company bike ride this afternoon? Oh yeah, this should be interesting.


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