Hair… Wedding Hair

So a dear dear friend of mine asked me to do the hair at her sister’s wedding. So that got me to freaking out thinking… while the lovely bride has her ideas of what she wants… I had to start thinking about where to start. Doing the hair isn’t the hard part (did I mention she has 10, oh yeah, 10 bridesmaids!!) … it’s knowing where to start, how to twirl, and where to tuck it all in. At least that how I look at it. It’s a game of hiding bobby pins. This is what she wants…


So I started looking on this new thing the kids are using… Pinterest (I might have to get into it) and found a plethera of wedding hairdo’s with instructions. Oh yeah, y’all like it when I use words like plethera. Get excited. I think the hairstyle above is super sweet and she will look gorgeous wearing it. But I had to look up some more cool do’s. It’s what I do.



Woah. Hello super sexy updo. I think this one would be easier than the first one. Let’s keep looking shall we?


Were you thinking what I was thinking? Is that LC? Sho’ ’nuff is. She’s got a really cool blog out. Complete with instructions. I love it. Let’s do one more.


Woops. Did I say one more when I meant 10 more. What? They’re pretty.

Today I am thankful that: my boy is coming to me tomorrow. And then he’ll stay. Until we decide to move again 🙂


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