Let’s Get Up-to-Date

Naughty blogger… I’ve been a naughty blogger. Life got ahead of me and made for very little blogging time. I can now say that I have worked a 70 hour work week. I don’t know if I’m proud of that or not. But it has been done and checked off the list. You know, I was talking to my dear friend and much missed partner in architecture, Miss Jilly, and she said that working a 40 hour work week isn’t the same as us working a 60+ work week in school (or something to that effect). You know why? Because in school you get to come and go, go on a coffee run, run to Super Taco or Cook-Out, have girls lunch, or go home and take a nap, OR run to the gym (especially after eating Cook Out). Oh no, NOW… it’s you should be at work the whole time… no naps, no Chicky-runs… What is life coming to?? It’s coming to the Real World. Working 7-7 is now not uncommon. And life now is becoming quite common with little to blog about… However, now I can update you on a few things that have happend…. For one, we did have Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was a bit unconventional this year. My bro and sis spent time with her family in DC, Dad had to stay close to the hospital so he couldn’t leave the ‘Sip. So we all came to him. The fam (Mom, the boy, Grams and Gramps) piled into the car and we all met in Gulfport and started gamblin’. My grandfather thought it would be a great idea to start off at the dollar slots. Why? Yeah, I don’t know. Big money!!! And lost it all in 20 minutes! I stuck to the penny slots and lost my $5 in one hour. But nonetheless, it was a good trip. We even went to NOLA and ate at a super fancy restaurant… (pics to come) and I got to see my favorite New Orleanser.

Next, some of my favorite boys came down this week to watch the UAB v USA game. UAB didn’t play as well as they would have like but, it was a quick visit and I’m just happy I got to see them both. I like those nice boys.

The game. Is it moustache march yet? Bring on the madness!! Wait, wait — Bring on the Bama v LSU game first — and then bring on the MADNESS!!! roll tide.

During the craziness of my work week, Work decided that it was a good idea to have the office Christmas Party on Friday. Let me tell ya, there’s nothing like good Christmas cheer during a deadline. So we played Secret Santa and I got the last number!! Which is obviously the best one AND I got the white envelope with $20 bucks inside. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. AND I was talking to my boss one day about goals for the future and one of mine was to learn to drive a stick shift. It is one of the many talents that I lack…. soooooo I got to drive a stick shift on Friday. And I didn’t stall once!! And that’s because we drove a truck that was impossible to stall-out on! But I drove a stick. It’s still a lot tricky but I think I could learn! I think. It’s a practice thing and I don’t have a car to practice on. The pic above is me in the back of the truck.

Let’s see what else is new. I have friends falling in love and that makes me happy. My bestie is overseas and that makes me sad. Although it makes me happy when we randomly call each other and no matter what the conversation is, it’ll never be less than a 1 hour talk no matter how much I try. Pay day is tomorrow. Thank God. I’m with my Dad in Gulfport — delivering deadline drawings. He had to work all night last night – Yeah, that’s right, my daddy saves lives. So we’ll go out for lunch today at my new favorite restaurant — Kim Long. Delicious Vietnamese + Thai food. Yummy in my tummy!


Today I am thankful for: getting Friday off for working all weekend 🙂 Maybe I can get some Holiday Shopping taken care of.

Oh, oh, oh… I saw Hubert the yesterday! He is ALIVE and well. I left some water out for him.

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