Unexpected Visitor

I had an unexpected visitor tonight when I walked in the door… friends, this is Hubert. I had a long talk with my better-half and he said that Hubert can stay. Woohoo. He can eat any bugs he might come across. But for some reason… Hubert was very attached to my bike.

I like him.


Today I am thankful for: my momma’s homemade bread. YUM.

Warning Letter

I think this probably speaks for itself but I still “LOL’d” when I saw this. Every office has that one person who has to have things a particular way. I think it’s hilarious when I find random warning letter’s scattered about the office. P.S. Have a nice day 🙂


Today I am thankful for: going on a two mile run. It felt good. Didn’t stop once.

Taco Night

I’ve never been one to crave Mexican Food. That all changed after I started dating my certain someone. Now, I can eat a burrito or quesadilla  any night of the week (and we often do). And this weekend we decided to make homemade tortilla’s. They were soooooo good. What’s even better? I didn’t have to lift a finger. I got to watch. We are going to keep mixing up the recipe for the tortilla’s and once we get it perfect, I’ll share the recipe! Do y’all have a favorite homemade ethnic food?


Today I am thankful for: GETTING WORKING INTERNET. Could you go 2 months without internet at home? Oh yeah, and a boyfriend who will send my modem back 3 times until they get my address correct. Sooo high maintenance…

First Weekend in November

You know, I never saw myself as a camper… but I have been converted. I had a good mentor. As you can see I have successfully put up the tent and that took A LOT  of hard work! Just kidding. He always does all of the hard work and heavy lifting. But I’m really good at watching! This is our spot where we always camp-out at the farm. And it’s a really good spot. Complete with fire pit and newly cut logs for seats. Yep, we’re roughin’ it all right.

Someone found a good tree and a good spot. Coming down is not nearly as easy as getting up there.

This is Buddy. He is my favorite farm dog. He has a girlfriend named Lilly. She lives close by. They often wander off to find the other and get into trouble. It’s really cute. What’s great about the area is that everyone knows who Buddy is–he’s Uncles David’s dog. He has been spotted with the hunt dogs chasing after the foxes close to the interstate. He can always find his way back home.

A little brotherly competition spurred on a hay bail race. You know, just for funsies… that looks like a work out to me!

My view in the morning. I love this place. It truly is my happy place. I’m still so tired from the weekend and I really didn’t do ANYTHING strenuous. Oh well, such is life. In other news… I’m trying to get back in shape. And I mean it this time.


Today I am thankful for: talking to Basement Sara — even if it was only for five whole minutes. And my spurts of conversation with my bestie overseas. Call up your friends. It’s time we talk to each other–no matter how busy life gets!

Happy Feet

That’s right… It was the first weekend in November and you know what that means… FARM WEEKEND. My feet were nice and happy. And of course, we went as the leaves were changing. We had absolutely perfect weather with friends and family. It was nice to actually see what Fall looks like up “North”. We are still in the 75 degree weather here on the gulf. It was nice to sleep in a cold tent with a crackling fire. More pictures to come. I think I may actually have internet at my house! Yippee!