World, this is Penelope. She is the spider at my best friend’s house. Apparently, Miss Penelope is a garden protecter. I think she is a scary monster. But hey, what do I know. In other news… I saw E.T. for the first time last night. Can you believe that? It really makes me wonder what other great movies I haven’t seen. Yes, I have seen The Goonies. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I saw ‘Forrest Gump’. A girl from Alabama hadn’t seen ‘Forest Gump’ – it was a cryin’ shame. What other movies are out there that I need to see. I need a list! And ‘Braveheart’ will have to be added…

Today I am thankful for: My newest buddy, Mr. Tonto. He is my new furry friend that I have been babysitting and he is my new shadow. He is so sweet. I like this husky/shepherd.


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