So, I’ve been busy… but I haven’t been doing anything too interesting. I’ve been working, dog sitting, visiting, redecorating, reorganizing, taking on a new commission (I think), and about to go down for another interview. But as I’ve been decorating someone’s home, I’ve begun to think about my own art collection. It’s small but I like the good pieces I have. But I’m hungry for more… and a little hungry to create… and for those of you who know me… I’m just hungry in general. The print above is one of my favorites on my new Wishlist. I’ve been finding a lot of great stuff on Etsy. Here are some other pieces that I have found.

Lucy Snow PhotographyHargreaves Art

Leah Giberson: As Good As It GetsAlecia Bock: The Start of Something Good

Today I am thankful for: a shopping day with my bestie.

Hmmmmm… I. Want. To. Paint.

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