For those of you in my neck of the woods, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve got nothing but rain. This was the Lakeshore Walking Trail about 2 hours ago. So on this rainy day, I have been spending my time between dog sitting, writing cover letters, reading, and catching up on some of my favorite blogs. Maybe you’ll feel inspired enough to start following some. Check them out. They are good people.

Some blogs you should check out:

  • For the photographer: We Live Young : This chick is a teenager, a professional photographer, and a gypsy. I love it. I love her photos. AND I love her writing.
  • For the foodie: Blank Palate : This is actually written by a girl I went to high school with. She probably doesn’t even remember me but I love her blog and find it really inspiring. What is she doing? She is learning more about the fascinating culture and cooking of Spain. She did what everyone else says they are going to do. She picked up and moved to Spain and is living the dream. ME NEXT. Guest post Marti?
  • For the fashionista: Atlantic – Pacific : This lady is hitting up some major fashion blogger awards. She’s been featured in all kinds of magazine spreads and fashionista’s around the world are taking notice of her unique style. You know me… I love all those bracelets.
  • For the new architectural intern: Intern 101 : Lulu is her online pseudonym; however, she IS a licensed architect and she has written a lot of helpful posts that help us “new guys” find our way in the working world. For anyone soon to be partaking in the professional field, I recommend this blog. Not only because it’s helpful, but also because she advises readers on the basics that we new graduates often forget about when entering the working world. From how to dress, how to act professionally, how to talk to your boss… AND she responds to questions really quickly. AND she’s from The South.
  • For inspirationThe Obsessive Imagist : What can say, she posts about really cool images. Rather, the things that inspire her.
  • For the graphic designer: Logo Design Love : First, I’ve got to get the book that coincides with the blog. Second, I am strangely fascinated by logo design and branding. I think it takes a really creative person to create a logo that is meant to be a single image that stands for what a company is, it’s particular look, and what they stand for. Just think… try to create your own personal logo — where do you start??
Today I am thankful for: having power.

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