Day Break

After a very productive morning, we decided that we needed a break in the middle of the day… so we took our two favorite girls and headed to our new favorite spot on the Cahaba River. And usually I’m so excited to say this, but this year I’m not, I think fall is right around the corner. The reason why its our favorite…there’s a  rope swing. We can’t really do any cool tricks off the rope swing because the water is really only 7′-0″ deep. We’ll have to wait for a storm to come through. It kinda reminds me of when we were here. Okay… maybe that was a little different.

The best river buddies you’ll ever find… Miss Milly (front) and Miss Abby (back). Look at how happy they are!!!!

Today I am thankful for: talking with one of my best girlfriends from graduate school. It was so nice to catch up. I miss you Jilly!!!

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