Street Market

The other day I went to a street market that I saw from the subway. It was tucked away in one of the old towns. This is a space where a lot of the old houses still sit closely together surrounded by apartment block of sky-rise residential buildings. Needless to say, they stand out from their surroundings. I’ve always wanted to go in and just explore the area. And it was so interesting. On the exterior it was lined with this street market and they were selling everything from a circa 1990s  fax machines to light bulbs to different computer mice, to new cell phones… etc. In the interior, there were these alleyways and you could tell who belonged and who didn’t. But each house sat in this labrynthed alleyway and it just snaked around all these houses. There is something really intimate about all of these neighborhoods and while they are often rundown they are really quite beautiful.

This was one of the many street markets. Please notice that there is a man walking around selling fishing poles… why? Well, I just don’t know. But I just got to thinking… I haven’t seen the other side of the Pacific ocean since I’ve been here. Is that normal? Maybe I should do that tomorrow. Suggestions? Anyone? Anyone?

I don’t think that I have shown y’all one of these before. This is one of the many apartment buildings and outside of it you can see these metal rods. This is what people hang their laundry out on. I usually don’t hang mine out on it because a. it’s not in my room and b. it actually seems a little inconvenient for me. But nonetheless, I’m sure it’s quite useful in this heat and maybe even efficient. But when I get back home… I think I’ll stick to the dryer.

This was drawn on the side of one of the houses in one of those narrow alleyways. I love that it hasn’t been painted over yet. AND if you look closely, you can see those funny hand mittens that people place on the handle of their handle bars to cover up their hands from the sun.

Trash is a funny thing in China. It has a distinctive smell. One that I can’t really describe. Chinese trash smells differently than American trash. I’m sure that sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Often trash bins are not overflowing like this one… especially not in the more westernized areas — God forbid a westerner see trash all strewn about. I actually find China to be generally well looked after. People litter here because they know that a street sweeper will clean up after them shortly after they litter. I certainly don’t think that’s responsible behaviour or bringing about good habits but nonetheless it is true. I just thought this picture was really telling about a different, less-exposed area. The pup walked away with an old fish bone. He seemed quite pleased with himself.

Today I am thankful for: dinner with my dear friend TR. We had an awesome meal. Man, I am going to miss this food.

USA countdown: 2 days : 9 hours : 50 minutes

Listening to: Pat Green Wave On Wave

2 thoughts on “Street Market

  1. China is a nation of hierarchy. People in the higher echelon don’t want to do things which those in the lower echelon do. That’s why they can probably be more responsible dumping their trash but since it will be taken care of by the litter man, why bother? It’s the same reason why customers in McDonald’s won’t put the tray of left-over food and boxes away themselves. They hold a unique superiority that says “I’m the man that bought this meal and you guys’ job is to clean my mess.” I’m glad that I’ve got rid of that type of sick superiority and always appreciate and respect others’ jobs.

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