Look what the American’s Brought to Work…

We are slowly nearing the end of our trip and we thought it would be nice to bring something to the office. So we decided that we should bring a little bit of American right into work. Now… y’all know that if I had an oven (which typical Chinese household’s DO NOT have ovens, fyi) I would have totally baked a cake — alas, there are no ovens — thus, no cake. Oh well… doughnuts cross all cultural bounds! They didn’t know what doughnuts were called?? Online they call them rings… how odd.

People were so friendly after we fed them. I must remember to do this as soon as I get a job back in the states. Food = Happy People. Who knew that so many people in the office actually speak English — go figure.


Today I am thankful for: a quick work day. Only a few more to go!!

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