Some Random Things…

I had to show you guys these. They should really go in my Strange Things in China post Part II… but they need some special attention. This bunny iPhone case is SUPER popular here. My friend Eric got one; I just love that bunny tail. Which is really a suction cup and can be taken off. In Yuyuan Gardens they started at something stupid like 250 RMB and then went down to 60 RMB (a little under $10) … so we knew what we could get them down to. Well, we went to the Fake Market (on Nanjing) and they started at 60 RMB… interesting. So I got them to go down to 2 for 80 RMB! I think I’m mastering this whole bargaining thing. Any buddy need one? I have no idea what to bring anyone back from China — It’s all fake anyways… so let me know if you need a new iPhone 4 case. I would love one … but I’m holding out for the iPhone 5!

Yep, I had some Yang’s Fried Dumplings this weekend. And they are worth every 5.5 RMB that they cost. I should get 50 more. I’m going to miss these little guys.

They have a Krispy Kreme! Who woulda thought it? But I believe this may be the only one. AND they give you a free glazed doughnut just for walking in the door. Love it.

There is nothing better in the Summer time than an ice cold Coca-cola in a bottle. EXCEPT when you receive a free ice cold Coca-cola. I love all these promotional tents that are going up. Bring ’em on!


Okay… So I went to the marriage market today in People’s Park and I’m doing my thing and taking pictures. This woman with a big ole Bowtza slams into me and starts screaming at me. Say what? My friend Eric even asked if she hit me. Of course I start screaming at her and she folded up her daughters pictures. Well lady, your overreaction was ridiculous, people are there to look. I’m sorry you can’t marry your daughter off soon enough (I’m sure you’re a handful to deal with) but obviously you’ll have to bribe any family to have to put up with you as an in-law.  HATEFUL. So I am here to help you advertise. Please take this woman off the streets and give her daughter a good and loving husband so that she won’t have to keep living with her mother — THE END.


Today I am thankful for: talking to my bestie and helping Eric play hookie from work. Who wants to work on a Sunday anyways…?


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