People 7 with the Fam…

Some of the wonderful dishes that we had tonight. We had Fried Mushrooms, Scallops + Rice Cakes, and Softshell Crab, and then we also got a long Spring Roll with Fresh Veggies… and they weren’t kidding…

See what I mean?? That’s one long roll. Tonight we actually got to sit down and enjoy each other in this funky restaurant. My bro and sis are staying in a super ritzy hotel. It’s so fancy. We went to the bar for ladies night (free champagne to all the ladies!!) and there were super models and all sorts of fancy people on this roof top bar. Super swanky. Hate to say it — I stuck out like a sore thumb… I’m not so ritzy and glamorous. I’m okay with that. Here’s a pic of the super cute couple for all of those who are keeping up with them from back home 🙂


Today I am thankful for: Family Time. It’s so nice to get off work and have your family there.




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