Beijing: National Center for the Performing Arts

Today was our last day in Beijing. I can only say that I’m a little relieved. Why, you ask? Well for several reasons. Beijing is a bargaining city. We had to bargain for a taxi, ice cream, art, food, bathrooms(j/k) … etc. It gets tiring. And worst of all — you don’t know if you’re getting screwed over or not. The first time we went to get a taxi he started off at something around 400 RMB!! I found another guy and got him down to 100 RMB. Actual cost = 75ish RMB. It’s rediculous how much people will try and take advantage of foreigners.  So enough with it — I’m happy to be back in Shanghai.  PLUS — I’m a modernist. I sick of the old stuff. You can have your Forbidden City. Out with the OLD and on with the NEW!! This, my friends, is the National Center for the Performing Arts. aka It’s an opera house. The coolest thing about it is that there is not a direct entrance to the building. The whole thing is surrounded by water. I don’t even want to imagine how they figured out their code safety regulations (if they did)…  It’s by French architect Paul Andreu and the building is known to the locals as “The Egg”. If you do decide to go there, it would probably be much cooler at night or at sunset when it’s all lit up inside. But it was still decently cool in the daytime with all the smog too.


In other news… I watched two goofballs take Blackmail pictures of themselves. I told them that they had to make this their Christmas card!


Today I am thankful for: having been on a plane. On our plane ride tonight we had a bunch of first time flyers. They were cheering like it was a roller coaster. They cheered at take off, gave ewwwes and ahhhhh during turbulence and gasped at landing. Good Lord, people! Get out more!

One thought on “Beijing: National Center for the Performing Arts

  1. I’m sorry you got ripped off. Is there a meter on the taxi? First time I’ve ever heard that you bargain over a taxi ride.

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