Beijing: Yesterday + Today

Yesterday we saw so many cool things. And today we had another full day. I’ll have a longer update on each event later… for now… I’ll just update you in pictures. I hope that’s okay. Tomorrow is another big day. No fireworks for us, I don’t think — however, there will be a really great wall. Above is the CCTV building by architects Rem Koolhaus and Ole Schreeren from OMA.

We also got to see the Olympic Birds Nest by architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron — one of my favorites!

Earlier in the morning we went to the Temple of Heaven and Earth and we walked around the extensive parks and heard a bunch of old people singing. I’m learning that old people sing a lot in these parts. It’s really kinda nice. I took some cute pictures of the kids. Aren’t they precious?

And then later that night we went to the Night Food Market. My Pop’s would have been all over these oysters. And all of the other strange things they had there.

We played it safe and stuck with the fruit. They put sugar all over my watermelon. It was still delicious. We were happy. AND the night market made all of hard work of walking around the city worth it… it reenergized us.

And then today, we had a girls day. We went to the Summer Palace and had a lovely time. That place is so huge!!! I wish I could say we covered all of it but I think we would be lucky to say that we covered a 1/3 of it. Oh well. Life is Good.


Today I am thankful for: my bargaining skills. I’m getting really good at it. Helen (my Popo) comes out and does her thing. Tonight we were looking for socks. Found some — and the lady told us 3 for 298 yuan. We told her that she was freakin’ crazy and said that we only needed one. She goes down to 100 yuan. Say what? I don’t think so. We walk away (the best tactic of them all) and then they come chasing after us. 50! 50! No way — I say… ok, ok 20!!!! 20!!! We all turned around and said 20??? Hmmmm…. Let’s go for 5.


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