Beijing: The Route

We are exhausted. We went all over the city today. Pictures will have to come later. This is what all we did…

  • We left the hotel and went to see if we could get a peak at Chairmen Mao’s body — the line was gargantuan… so we said NO.
  • Then we hopped onto the subway and went to the oh-so-lovely Temple of Heaven
  • Afterwards we went to a cheeky Natural History Museum where the coolest things were real bodies that had been dissected. I got to watch my big brother dominate a bone game where you had to put all of the bones in the right place on the body. He rocked it in 10 seconds. Video to come.
  • We went in search of the Chinese Museum of Ancient Architecture… got a little turned around only to find out that it was closed due to renovations.
  • Then we got a quick lunch at Mickey D’s (shhhhh don’t tell)
  • After lunch we hopped back onto the subway and went to see the CCTV building. Note: There’s something under construction. You just can’t see too much. But I still got some good pics.
  • After that we were still in architecture mode and went to the Olympic City to check out the Birdsnest stadium and the Aquatic arena… super cool. Very far away, though.
  • AND THEN… after that, we went to this cool bar called Q Bar! and got our drinky-drink on. They were so yummy. AND we got a little snack: flat bread with delicious dipping sauce — one of the dipping sauces was a wasabi cheesey thing (YUMMM) and some hummus.
  • After that we went in search of the Night Street Food Market… and we found it. It probably made our day. We were so completely exhausted that it recharged us because there were so many exciting things to eat. Have you ever seen sheep testicles on a stick? No worries, I’ll provide you with pictures.
  • And just now we have made it back to the hotel. We’ve got one man down but the ladies are still holdin’ out. Sad day when you can’t get blister bandaids.
Today I am thankful for: seeing the street food market. I wish my whole family was there. I really missed my dad. That was his kind of place. Daddy (and Momma) we miss you. Everything reminds us of you. We love you both so much.
Pictures to come later… we are all so tired and have an early start tomorrow morning…

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