Food Team: Sheng Sushi

Can y’all believe that I have not had ANY Japanese food since I’ve been in China? Unbelievable, right? Actually, other than Vietnamese Pho, I don’t think I’ve had any other Asian cuisine other than chinese food. I’m not complaining. I love chinese food. But this week, I’ve had a craving for some delicious sushi. My roommate found a new hole-in-the-wall sushi restaurant that we just had to try! So we went. Here’s the info:

  • The Place: Sheng Sushi
  • The Food: Yummy Sushi
  • The Location: 63 Yongkang Lu, near Jiashan Lu
    永康路63号, 近嘉善路
  • The hours: 10 a.m.-9 p.m
  • The digits: +86 21 135 6459 5115, +86 21 138 1641 8701

This place is delightful. And what I love most about it is that it is sooo tiny. There might be 8 chairs inside and they can enclose the back kitchen so that the servers can’t pass back and forth and add another chair where that partition was. You might find yourself asking to refill someone else’s tea cup but it’s all in good fun and it’s apart of the ambiance. In the back kitchen area there is a ladder resting at a 75 degree angle where the wait staff will quickly go up and down and bring out more tables and chairs as they are needed outside. This is one of those really unique places that you have to go to. The wait staff is super friendly and while they may not speak any english, they do their best and usually understand. A+ guys.

Oh yeah. Friends, meet The Denver Roll. Mango (my favorite) with cucumber and crab roe with tuna salad. Oh my goodness I cannot even put into words how yummy this was.

Eat it facebook! This is a wall of love notes. Forget “liking” something… All of these people LOVE it.

Today I am thankful for: my BFF finally being finished with her BAR exam!! Congrats V. You’ve been working your butt off. AND I’m finished with work! Woohoo! Now the countdown for home is really on!

USA countdown: 4 days : 21 hours : 25 minutes

Spread the Good Word: PLTW

Video Chat

Ya see, sometimes China really doesn’t like Google and our video chat gets stuck. And this is what was stuck on my screen this morning. I thought it was hilarious. I’m gonna get in big trouble for this one. But I had to share it with all of you. Remember: He loves me lots and would never get mad at me for this 🙂

Today I am thankful for: finishing my PORTFOLIO. Finally! I’ve been working on it for a very long time.

USA countdown: 6 days : 14 hours : 7 minutes


I had a bike wreck today. It was scary. I’m okay. I went on an 11 mile bike ride with friends this weekend and nothing even slightly scary happened. And then this morning, not even 5 minutes from our apartment, I took a tumble. Next thing I know, there were too many bikes, cars and mopeds in too small a space and I went flying over my handle bars and I was down on the ground. I don’t know what’s hurt… I was in shock for a good bit… but I have a feeling when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll know exactly how I fell, and what I fell on.

Today I am thankful for: gymnastics — without it, I don’t think I would have known how to fall down so well. Anyone who is not a gymnast will probably not understand that… but sooner or later, you learn how to fall down the right way instead of falling into a worse position. Muscle memory — you are a god send. AND that I was able to walk away… it could have been so much worse today.

USA countdown: 9 days : 10 hours : 30 minutes

Note: Pictures were taken by my roomie William and were edited by me.

Bull Noodle or Noodle Bull

We have a new favorite restaurant. Its called Bull Noodle… We think. It wasn’t until recently that we noticed that it’s really called Noodle Bull. I don’t even know what that means. The food is delicious and it’s really simple — and to me, that’s the best part — aside from the cost. There specialty, the “Bull Noodle”, only cost 35 Yuan. Which means it barely cost 6 USD. I’ll let you know a little secret… after we first found this place… we went 4 times in one week. SHAME SHAME SHAME. Oh whatever, it was delicious.

I usually get the Bull Noodle, but this time I thought I would try something different… Bull Rice. I still prefer the noodles. YUM.

Eric got something new too. It was the trio. The trio included the hot and sour soup, braised pork soup (very good) and the Bull Noodle. I think our favorite is still the Bull Noodle. Once I get stuck on something it’s very hard for me to order something new.

Look at Eric! He’s so happy. Actually, right now he is sickly — but nonetheless… a little noodle soup goes a really long way.

The other thing that I really enjoy about this place is that they have an awesome interior. Super simple and focused on materials that I love —  Concrete and Dark Wood. Its sexy. Get into it. They also have a rockin’ playlist playing. We heard a remix to Simon and Garfunkel’s: Sound of Silence. We still can’t find the exact one. The search will continue.

Details: 1/F, 3B, 291 Fumin Rd., corner with Changle Rd. | 富民路291号1楼3B,长乐路口 | 021.6170.1299 | 11 a.m. – 12 a.m.


Today I am thankful for: a good weekend. I finally have something to post about. Sorry about the past week and little blogging — we had to work this past weekend with very little time off in between.

USA countdown: 10 days : 21 hours : 25 minutes

Second Month in Review: Weird Things in China Part II

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It’s that time again. Time for Round 2. As many of you know, I did a review of some odd things that I have found in China during my first month while I have been in Shanghai — you can find that post here. I hated that I didn’t have any of my own photos. So now, this was my attempt to amend that. I hope you enjoy some of the interesting things that I have seen.

1 Belly Shirts in the buff. I love this picture. It captures so many of the things I have to say about China. 2 Odd Sign — You can find Cheenglish all over China (bad Chinese to English translations) 3 Bicycles usually carry a lot of one thing — here is an example. 4 This is something that you see often — people will fish through the trash cans looking for plastic to recycle. I wonder if I’m missing out on something. Is this something that I should cash in on? 5 This guy was interesting — but here I just wanted to show you that everyone wears these arm guards. It’s actually uncommon to see them on men, but I caught one, you are welcome.

6 Rockstar Baby (photo taken by my brother) This kiddo was just too cool for school. I mean, just look at him!! He’s rockin a Comme des Garçon shirt, he’s got his awesome white sunglasses on, mohawk’s lookin’ sharp, suspenders down, he’s got his swagger on — cookie in hand, other hand is holdin’ Dad’s hand — He a freakin’ Rockstar Baby. My baby will be this cool. 7 Rockstar Baby paparazzi shot (photo taken by my brother) 8 These visors are incredibly common. Ladies wear them to protect their delicate facial features from the sun — heaven forbid anyone get tan. 9 Sleepy boys. Chinese people nap… ALOT. And they will sleep anywhere. And I mean, ANYWHERE. 10 It is incredibly common to find people selling crickets on the streets… I think they are suppose to be lucky?? Yeah, I don’t really get it, but these guys are HUGE. Our neighbor downstairs on the 1st floor has one (I named him Herbie) and I can hear him chirping from our 5th Floor Walk-up.

11 Here is yet another example of how people sleep wherever they would like — this just so happened to be in the Lobby of our office building at work. (photo taken by my roommate, William) 12 Well, hairstyles are something that I could do an entire post about. Men do crazy things with their hair. But the children — bless their hearts — have mean parents that find it appropriate to shave their head and give them these rattails, or a patch on the top… or other really bizarre things. I think it has something to do with good fortune? I’m not really sure. (photo taken by my brother) 13 I often see older gentlemen playing this game on the street or in the park… it draws a really large crowd. I have heard that it is similar to RISK but I can’t be positive. I’m sure someone will correct me. And please do. 14 Little CAR. I love these things. AND I would love to have one of these back in the states. One please! 15 Yeah, these are just weird.

16 I don’t know if you remember me saying this, but glasses have become quite popular. You want to know what’s even more popular than glasses… Glasses with NO lenses! How ridiculous is that? What is the world coming to?  As a person who avidly wears contacts because glasses are a total annoyance — I just don’t get it. 17 This was a store in Beijing that provided couple shirts for all who desire them. And today I saw a whole family with the same shirt on. I wonder if their dog has a matching collar? 18 This was a sign we saw in Beijing… and that was the list of things that we weren’t allowed to do. Chill pill, China–Look into it. 19 Fashion gives me the giggles over here. I just don’t understand a lot of things that go on. But in any language and on any continent… these pants are a NO-NO. Get with it, girlfriend. 20 A bike packed down with just mattresses. You know, in case you need one?

21 Signs from the Marriage Market with different peoples stats on them. Notice that height and weight are included. 22 This is hilarious — SO, the Chinese peeps were like, “hey, let’s build yet another high rise apartment building” and then they were like — “wait a sec, this has no feng shui” — so what do they do??? I’ll tell you — They add a freakin’ fake rock wall to the exterior of the building to give it a nature feature and punch some holes through the top of the building so that the chi can escape appropriately. Oh, dear Lord in heaven. — Dear PRC, Could we add a climbing wall feature to this, it would make your building way cooler. Thanks.

Today I am thankful for: listening to Michael Jackson on the speakers at work — Y’all know I was singin’. Although the downfall to that would be — having to work this whole weekend. BOOOO! Competition is due on Monday. Woohoo!

NOTE: These pictures often have poor quality because they had to be taken quickly and inconspicuously AND please don’t let any of my comments offend you. They are merely a Southern woman’s observations while in China and I mean absolutely no offense. 

Look what the American’s Brought to Work…

We are slowly nearing the end of our trip and we thought it would be nice to bring something to the office. So we decided that we should bring a little bit of American right into work. Now… y’all know that if I had an oven (which typical Chinese household’s DO NOT have ovens, fyi) I would have totally baked a cake — alas, there are no ovens — thus, no cake. Oh well… doughnuts cross all cultural bounds! They didn’t know what doughnuts were called?? Online they call them rings… how odd.

People were so friendly after we fed them. I must remember to do this as soon as I get a job back in the states. Food = Happy People. Who knew that so many people in the office actually speak English — go figure.


Today I am thankful for: a quick work day. Only a few more to go!!

One of my fav’s…

Nothing too new is going on since The Fam has left. So I thought I would share one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken since I’ve been in Shanghai. Enjoy!


Today I am thankful for: not getting merged onto by the bus–I’m so happy I was paying attention. AND for my time with my special someone this morning… via GChat.

Some Random Things…

I had to show you guys these. They should really go in my Strange Things in China post Part II… but they need some special attention. This bunny iPhone case is SUPER popular here. My friend Eric got one; I just love that bunny tail. Which is really a suction cup and can be taken off. In Yuyuan Gardens they started at something stupid like 250 RMB and then went down to 60 RMB (a little under $10) … so we knew what we could get them down to. Well, we went to the Fake Market (on Nanjing) and they started at 60 RMB… interesting. So I got them to go down to 2 for 80 RMB! I think I’m mastering this whole bargaining thing. Any buddy need one? I have no idea what to bring anyone back from China — It’s all fake anyways… so let me know if you need a new iPhone 4 case. I would love one … but I’m holding out for the iPhone 5!

Yep, I had some Yang’s Fried Dumplings this weekend. And they are worth every 5.5 RMB that they cost. I should get 50 more. I’m going to miss these little guys.

They have a Krispy Kreme! Who woulda thought it? But I believe this may be the only one. AND they give you a free glazed doughnut just for walking in the door. Love it.

There is nothing better in the Summer time than an ice cold Coca-cola in a bottle. EXCEPT when you receive a free ice cold Coca-cola. I love all these promotional tents that are going up. Bring ’em on!


Okay… So I went to the marriage market today in People’s Park and I’m doing my thing and taking pictures. This woman with a big ole Bowtza slams into me and starts screaming at me. Say what? My friend Eric even asked if she hit me. Of course I start screaming at her and she folded up her daughters pictures. Well lady, your overreaction was ridiculous, people are there to look. I’m sorry you can’t marry your daughter off soon enough (I’m sure you’re a handful to deal with) but obviously you’ll have to bribe any family to have to put up with you as an in-law.  HATEFUL. So I am here to help you advertise. Please take this woman off the streets and give her daughter a good and loving husband so that she won’t have to keep living with her mother — THE END.


Today I am thankful for: talking to my bestie and helping Eric play hookie from work. Who wants to work on a Sunday anyways…?

Recap: Beijing, China

While we were traveling in Beijing, we always came back to the hotel completely exhausted. So I thought I should recap on everything that happened. AND I raided my sister-in-law’s pictures–y’all should see some of the pics she took. I love the panorama’s that her camera takes. Note to Self: Next camera needs to have a panorama feature.

My roommate recommended this company: Beijing Downtown Backpackers Accommodation. We didn’t stay there BUT I can tell you that I think it would be an excellent and affordable accommodation, they have these nifty cards that can help you get around the city with all of the main attractions (and with the aid of taxi’s), they also have different attractions that you can sign up for. For example, we were looking to go to a Beijing Opera House and see a performance but we had a little trouble finding the right one — they had a list on their wall with different events like the Opera, Acrobatics Shows, and Kung Fu Performances. And in addition to these things they offer a unique experience at the Great Wall. We all wanted to go to a part of the Great Wall that had remained relatively untouched. “Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall are the two most ruined, precipitous, original, preserved sections of the Great Wall in Beijing. The hike from the west Jinshanling to the east Simatai is the most challenging Great Wall hike in Beijing. The 6-km hike takes about 3.5 hours passing 22 watch towers…”

This was my patch-work job of a panorama picture… it just doesn’t have the same effect. Come on Photoshop!

Ah yes, the Summer Palace. If you have to decide between the Forbidden City or the Summer Palace —  I recommend the Summer Palace. A. It’s beautiful. B. There are still A LOT of people (b/c it’s China) but they are much more spread out and C. You won’t be looking at the same thing everywhere you look. I could definitely stay at this Summer Palace. Bring your walking shoes. It covers around 3 square kilometers and most of that is water that you are walking around. There are also a lot of amazing building/temples on top of mountains, so get ready to climb as well. Beware: It’s still very touristy and you’ll probably get ripped off one way or another. But if you are looking for souvenirs, you’ll definitely be able to find them here. But something else that is cool is that you can find more locals, water calligraphers, and other cool stuff. This place is huge, outside of the city, and you could easily spend a week here and still not have seen everything.

Check out this Youtube video I took while at the Summer Palace!


This is the Dong Hua Men Night Market. Now they call it a night market but it closes around 9-9:30. I like a night market to be open till about 4 am. Not that I would be awake to go to it… but all the people still at drinkin’ could. If you are in Beijing, this place is a must see. They have some of the strangest things that you would have never ever though edible. But I think their theory must be similar to certain parts of The South — anything can be deep fried. This image is relatively tame — but they have everything from fruits and veggies, sugar drinks, seafood, meat, organs, and bugs. GROSS. But oh-so interesting. We saw sheep penis, sheep testicles, and sheep kidney–all on a stick. The place reeks of an organ smell. I don’t know how else to describe it. It was so entertaining.



Today I am thankful for: my free Krispey Kreme doughnut (just for walking in) and a free Coke under a Coke promotional tent. I guess I’ve had enough sugar to last me all week long. RUN TOMORROW.

Note: Pictures other than the night market (unless otherwise specified) were taken by my sister in law and have been given an identification marker when you scroll over the photograph. Her pictures are marked under “JECC” in the header.