Beijing… kinda

Tonight we arrived in Beijing and we are exhausted. We had a long day with a lot of walking, new blisters, and American Food. We were so tired… and then we got a jolt of energy when we arrived early for our flight. You know why? I’ll tell you. Because we were early, we were able to catch an earlier flight… then the wonderful attendant upgraded our tickets to first class. Awesome. Rock Star status. Happy Babies. Dear China Eastern, you are now my new favorite airline.

My happy toes in first class. I even got slippers! And food, and drinks. Sweetness. I’m down with that sickness.

Someone lost their appetite after a few too many chinese meals… so then we found her appetite again. And guess what? Nope, not chicken butt… McDonald’s here, taste the exact same as it does in The States. Just as delicious or familiar… or whatever.


Today I am thankful for: a wonderful upgrade and double cheese burgers. Now, it’s night-night time.

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