Baby Got Back…

That’s right, y’all. I got my BABY computer back!! And I got to visit this super cool place at the same time! Now, I know people feel differently when it comes to Apple products and I know that Apple owners come with their own stereotype… but regardless of all of that… this place was still pretty freakin’ cool. I appreciate good things and I like to share those good things with you. So check out this beauty…




I know this is hideous… but I did get my first Chinese pedicure today! It was delightful. The tootsies no longer look that bad. I promise.


Yep, and then there’s that thing behind me. (Note: that thing is called the Oriental Pearl TV Tower) I hope everyone is having a good weekend. BTW… I have 1 day and 15 hours until my family is in town. But you know… I’m not excited at all… OR maybe I am… just a little!

Today I am thankful for: happy friends with happy bellies. We went and ate at Pho Real again. It was delicious. As always. And then I got to speak a little Italiano at the Gelato place down the street called La Creme. Always a good day when you can do that.



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