Rough Day

The past 15 hours were pretty shaky — at best. I got back to the apartment after work yesterday and my computer wouldn’t turn on. It broke down and then I really broke down. Now some people might think that’s silly. It’s just a computer. But no. My computer is a life-line of sorts. It’s the one thing that connects me to my loved ones back home — who I talk to daily.

Luckily for me, I made an appointment at the Shanghai Apple Store immediately and found out that I need a new logic board and power adapter… and the best part — It’s still under warranty. For 48 more days. I had my entire family up in arms, had everyone flipped upside down worrying about this. And naturally, Apple took me in, told me it would all be okay, and that this is an in-house repair and I should have it back within 3-5 days. I can last 3-5 days without a computer, right? I. Can. Do. It.

And last night I caught myself talking to myself… it’s only a computer. We made it through grad school together and that was a blessing in itself. And apparently neither of us are going to make it out of China without going to the doctor first. So my baby computer is at the doctor. I’ll be away from blogging for 3-5 days. But you know what… my brother and sister will be here in 3-5 days. And that will make my summer! I cannot wait to see them.

Today I am thankful for: my wonderful family for putting up with me through this crisis.

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