Sichuan Folk Restaurant

A sweet coworker took my roommates and I out to eat at a restaurant that serves food from his hometown — which is near and dear to his heart — he is from the Hunan Provence. Have you ever eaten Sichuan food? It’s HOT! Well…. it’s a different kind of hot — regardless, it was hot for me (which isn’t saying much). My lips felt like they were bright red and on fire. Luckily, I ordered a Lg. Pepsi to go along with my meal (I know, I know… there was no Coke). This is unusual for me — I’m not going to talk about the meal I ate that night… although it was both delicious and interesting (one dish was Pig’s Foot Soup…), Nope, I’m going to share with you my entertainment that evening…

Watch the video above or check it out here! This was great. The audience was treating this character like he was a Hollywood Star. While the music was still playing he came out into the audience and shook people hands and posed for pictures… and some of the people in the audience were interesting as well. I just had to get a picture of the guy sitting behind me.

Okay… I know I’m being ugly… but… the 80’s called and they want their shorts back! And what y’all can’t see that I tried so desperately to capture, is that the back of this guys shirt said SLEEK. It’s really difficult taking sneaky pictures of people. Anyway… he really made me laugh whether it was intentional or not. I will say, you’re pretty ballsy if you’ll go out in public wearin’ this get up. (look Mom, I spelled wear correctly today :)) I have a feeling y’all might not think that this guy was as funny as I thought he was… but that’s okay.

These were my left over plates after dinner. Notice that the Pigs Foot Soup is the only thing still standing…


Today I am thankful for: seeing my roommate push someone out of the subway train. This jerk was shoving people so that he could fit into the subway and this time… there really was no more room. So my roomie just shoved him back and the doors closed. Ha. Okay– that’s a crappy thing to be thankful for… hmmmm… I’m thankful that it’s Friday. There ya go.

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