Single Male Seeking Petite Asian Female…

Single? Come to Shanghai! Men seem to be looking for women in this town. On our way to M50 art gallery we spotted this nice bit of graffiti art. I saw this on my first day out on the town.I love it. I think it’s hilarious. This area is one of the only places in town where graffiti is actually allowed. No worries… my graffiti post will be coming shortly. I went on a run in this neighborhood yesterday and there are already some new tags. Oh… I love graffiti art.  Especially when it’s clever… like here.

I believe that this is called the Marriage Market. It’s located in People’s Park on Sunday. Basically it’s a bunch of single men with their height, weight, and other contributing attributes on a piece of paper with a phone number. This place was packed with Grandma’s. And you know that they were all on their cell phone talking to their single granddaughter’s telling them about this interesting “catch” that they found in the park. In the picture below, you can see some ladies talking to the head guy… kinda like a pimp. But not. haha. Well… I guess this could be easier than dating.

Despite what this picture shows; it was actually packed. There were a ton of people here… all with their umbrella’s as it was a very hot day. And when it’s hot… well, you just have to have your umbrella. It would be horrible if anyone got a tan in this city — I hope you can hear my sarcasm in every drop of that last statement.


Today I am thankful for: feeling a little bit better. I don’t know what’s been wrong with me lately. I stayed at the apt today and didn’t go into work. I wonder if pollution sickness has finally gotten the better of me. I’ve had an upset stomach, sore throat and cough, and lately I feel achy. But I did take a 4 hour nap today… and I can’t figure our if I’m better or worse for it.

These were the pills the pharmacist gave me. It looks like something you get at the door of a Rave. I’m suppose to take 6 “balls” (as the lady called them) three times a day. I’m more concerned about the wifi signal on the cover of the package. Maybe I’ll send off a better signal after I take some of this medicine—-balls, I mean. Oh, chinese medicine, do your magic.

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