Drunk Go-Karts?… Okay!

Are you thinking, what I’m thinking? GOLD MINE.
Let’s look at the facts… They have go-karts and they have a bar. Do the two mix? Of course they do! Drinking and driving is by no means discouraged here, it’s actually expected.
  • Place: Stampede Karting
  • Hours: 11 am – 2 am
  • Location: Section C, Basement, 1288 Zhenguang Lu, near Meichuan Lu … or 真光路1288号C区地下室, 近梅川路
  • Digits: 6139 5095
  • Cost: about 85 RMB for 7 minutes of time.

Before you go down, you have to sign something and give a deposit for the helmet and then if you aren’t wearing closed toed shoes… you get to borrow some as well as a hair net. Then you go downstairs and they have these 60cc go-karts (their performance very dramatically) with a gas tank right between your legs (not so nice if you are bigger aka not chinese)… the seats are small (even for me) but the pedals were long enough (for me).  and then you sign something in chinese, put your helmut and dirty gloves on and then you… GO!

The corners are sharp. There aren’t many straight away’s. And depending on the performance of your kart, you might spin out a lot. And if the workers don’t watch too closely… you can play bumper cars! Awesome. It was a lot of fun. I was giggling like a school girl. I’m sure you can only imagine.

Note: They like the Black Eyed Peas… it’s still stuck in my head. “No-no-no-no… Don’t Phunk with my Heart”

Today I am thankful for: the best meal I’ve had yet in Shanghai (yummy dim sum). I met up with a new from home who is from Shanghai. He claims to be 60% American 40% Chinese. I love it. It was so nice!

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