Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

This weekend we went to Yuyuan Gardens… in the rain. I didn’t mind the rain so much. I was expecting some kind of amazing garden and I’m sure there was one somewhere — but what we really saw while we were there was old touristy chinese architecture with nic-nak stalls inside. I’m sure I’ll buy something eventually from them. As we went deeper into the building and crossed a bridge… we found a line. A very long leading to nothing else but… DUMPLINGS.

And my favorite kind of dumplings… (it’s chinese vocabulary time!)

  • Jiaozi -(pronunciation: jow-tza)-These beautiful dumplings are steamed or boiled and typically filled with pork or shrimp. My absolute fave!
  • Baozi – (pronunciation: bow-tza)-These dumplings are more like a bun. They are very dough-y and are filled with some type of meat.
  • Xiaolongboa – (pronunciation: show-long-bow)-YUM. These are known as soup dumplings. Locals watch how you eat them and then laugh when you scald your mouth. (No, I haven’t seen this happen but I have some pent up resentment.) You can see me eating this kind of dumpling here. The dumplings that we had at Yang’s were not steamed but fried, preserving the soup inside of the dumpling in it’s newly hardened case. Delicious… but I try not to have too many… because you know… I’m turning into a Dumplin’ (as we say in The South)
  • Tangbaozi – (pronunciation: tong-bow-tza)-I haven’t had these yet. I’m patiently waiting for the right time to get these. These dumplings are a soup dumpling that you drink out of a straw. Exciting I know. And I don’t think you actually eat the dumpling that the soup is inside. FYI
Moving on… This was the main event!
Look at ’em all workin’ away. And all for the beautiful end product…
These beauties were doused in a vinegar soy sauce. It was delicious. These were so scrumptious. Below is a video that my roommate William took for me of the production line. My shortness wouldn’t allow for a decent view. Thanks William!

I was either watching the ladies making dumplings… or really angry that my dumplings were  all gone… or awaiting my attack on Eric’s (my other roommate) dumplings. It may actually be all 3 because I love dumplings that much. But y’all already knew all that. Photo compliments of William.

A very happy and dumplin’ filled little girl! Photo compliments of William.

Me and the boys… happy, soaking wet from the rain, and filled with Dumplings! Good times.


Today I am thankful for: seeing a man carrying the largest load on his bicycle. It had to be about 10′ x 20′ of Styrofoam boxes just stacked one on top of the other. I couldn’t even see the guy that was riding his bicycle. AND he would have had to have had a ladder to get a majority of them up there. I wish I had my camera…












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