Food Team: Palace Duck

So a friend of mine back home told me about this place that I had to go to.  They are suppose to be the place that has been in existence since the beginning of time and they have the original Duck recipe for the Emperor…. or something like that. And then my buddy, William, sent me this article.READ IT. What-do-ya-know… same place.

  • Place: Palace Duck
  • Location: 311 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Yongjia Lu.
  • Services: Deep Fried and Pressure Cooked Duck….
  • Options: Only Two. 1. whole duck or 2. half duck.
My friends got in line before me, and as fate would have it — got the last duck. So I had to wait the 30 minutes for the new 8 duckies to cook.
So this was part of the line that formed while we waited. I made a friend. Can you see the lady in the far back giving me The Stink Eye? Ya see… chinese peeps (and I hate to generalize, but…) they don’t believe in queuing. It doesn’t matter if there is a line, they’ll stand all wonky and then just break in front of you. Ughhh… so annoying. So I noticed as soon as I turned back around that she was all up in my business and I just wasn’t going to have that. So I had to nudge her out of the way and return to my spot at the front of the line.
So then I gave this guy my order and then he weighed my duck — I gave him the nod to go ahead and so then he put my duck in his silver bowl and did about 7 efficient chops and then handed me the duck. I was so happy just to not be standing in line anymore. I said goodbye to new friend and then left with the ones I came with.
Here’s my duckie. And it was delicious. It’s one of those meals that you only want to have once because you’re not sure if when you get it the second time — it will be as spectacular as the first. So… this might be my one and only Palace Duck. I would hate to lower my expectations of their services. My dad would have loved this place soooooo much.
Lord help me if I ever have to find that place by myself because I just remember going down one road for a really long time… So Good Luck with that… Here’s the sign you’re looking for.
Today I am thankful for: bike shopping. That’s right, I’m picking out my new bike today!!




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