Food Team: People 7

So Food Team definitely met up this weekend! AND this is going to be one of the first places that I’ll take my brother and sister when they come and visit! Here are The Deets:

  • The Place: People 7 Bar Shanghai
  • Where: 805 Julu Road, by Fumin Road.
  • The Digits: +86 (21) 5404 0707
  • What up?: Bad Ass Bar with specialty beverages and unexpectedly Bad Ass Food.
So, my friend William has been telling me about this bar that we just had to go to. I said, “OK sure, I’ll go get some expensive drinks…” He said, “Just wait.” One of the nice girls at our office made our reservation and then gave us the password… Say what? PASSWORD?? Yeah, that’s right — Password. So we took a cab ride to this very quiet street with white walls and William looked back at me and said, “You’re right in front of the place — don’t you know where to go?” Yeah right. No one, on their first time, would know where to go. You have to go into this darkly lit part of the wall and then go up some shady looking stairs and then you are greeted at the top by these holes (picture above). And that is when you use your password. If you get it wrong… A door slides open and you look into a mirror that says “Gotcha” on the other side. So. Cool. When you do get it right, the big concrete door opens and you are greeted by two very nice hostesses. We ordered our drinks and sat in the “waiting area” until our table was available, which of course was right on the nose at 8 p.m. And this is what we ordered.
Broccoli on Ice. Have you ever had broccoli without the tree on top? And served in an Ice Bowl? I think not.
Drunk Cold Chicken with Diced Ginger and Scallions — this was delicious. The Chinese really find a nice textural balance between fat and meat. It really was wonderful.
Ok… this one wasn’t my idea but Sea Cucumber. O.M.G. Please don’t get me wrong — this was delicious as well — but I have serious issues with certain forms of slime and goo being thought to be edible. The “sauce” aka goo had the texture and look of snot. Ughhh… I will not be ordering that again. But I can say I tried it. And it’s not nearly as bad as stinky tofu… It’s just a texture thing. Please see below…
This is just like a dang Kiwi. It’s awkward… and gross. Moving On…
Tiny Wonton with Pork and Shrimp. Dad — we need this recipe. These were lovely.
And last, but certainly not least, the Soft Shell Crab. This was the absolute best that I have ever had in my life! Bit of an exaggeration? I. Think. Not. These were absolutely perfect. Certainly the way to any woman’s heart… Crabs. haha
And my new favorite drink: Kiwi Juice. Kiwi’s are a lot less awkward when they are ground up and juiced. (Is ground or grinded the past tense of grind… I’m sure my mother or English Major friends will correct me!)
Moral of the night: It would be a shame for anyone to be in Shanghai and not go to this place. Let it be the fancy restaurant you go to while you are here. Plus, food is so affordable in Shanghai. Everything we ordered was between 35-75 RMB ($5.30-$11.50) and when you eat Family Style, it is super affordable. So maybe, go here as often as you can.
Today I am thankful for: Southern Belle this evening. It is Memorial Day after all – I have to have a burger. SHAME, I know.

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