Ughhh… The Tesco.

So… This is the grocery store that we go to. It’s right around the block and very convenient. It has a wide variety of things that you can purchase. With all this being said — There is NOTHING more stressful (that I have witnessed) than going to The Tesco. There are just soooo many people there. And they are slamming into the back of you and pushing you out of the way — There’s no excuse me, pardon me, do you mind if I get that — It’s insane. And then you have the 200 year old Grandma who is poking along and then… AND THEN…. you have these people (see below)…

There is a woman at the end of every aisle selling something. WHO WOULD GIVE THESE PEOPLE A MICROPHONE?!?!?!?!?!! There was a point when I was trying to grab some yogurt and I thought to myself… this is what hell must feel likean endless line in a grocery store where people are screaming and pushing and cutting in front of you. What. A. Nightmare.

Yeah, I don’t think the FDA would approve of this…

I hope your trip to Walmart is a nice one. Just remember: It could be a whole lot worse.


Today I am thankful that: I got to talk to my grandparents for the first time since I’ve been in China. They rock. So does my mom for making it happen. I love you too Dad — and Scoo and Yaya… AND THE PORCINI MONSTER… and the cat. (Ok, that’s the whole Fam) — heehee and Noel.




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