Shanghai, China: Silly Things

No Trumpeting! No actually, I’m pretty sure it means No Music – but I still think it’s really funny.

“Dog, Don’t You Enter Here!!” I mean, look how sad that puppy dog is. I’m sure they would let my Baby Monster Dog in — because he is a sweet baby!!

And now this — this is just freakin’ awesome. And you see stuff like this a lot in Shanghai (or I guess – China in general). You’ll often find people carrying a lot of one thing on their bicycle. I’m going to try and compile a bunch of these for you. But aren’t you impressed by a. how much foam this guy found and b. the fact that he put all of that on his bicycle and c. the fact that he is commute/cargo-ing it himself!! Again, it’s awesome.

Today I am thankful for: making new friends and discovering how great this city is.


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