Chongming, China

Here are some pics from our-site visit when we went to Chongming on Thursday. The house in the distance is the one that will be taken down and replaced with a better design. This lot is on a piece of land that has been leased to the current family for many many years. The brother of the owner of this lot lives next door and his father lives next to him.

This is an old house that sits along the brother and father’s land. It is very old and caved in. But the beauty is in the details. It’s really a shame to see that the vernacular style has moved so far away from this.

This is a picture taken from the balcony of the brother’s house looking down onto his father’s garden. Everyone here gardens! I love it. We even got to see Grandpa’s opium plant. I think his garden was his pride and joy 🙂

A wheat field across the street. And btw — streets here were maybe only 8 feet wide and they were absolutely considered a two lane road. A “normal” acceptable street in the states would be around 18 feet. Throw that around in your head. It was difficult to do a three point turn much less put two cars on the same road. Mind boggling, I know.

And this is one of the many sites that we went to to look at different construction details as well as different construction processes that are local to china. Chinese construction workers are usually not very well educated in the the construction process so designs in China often have to be altered/simplified based on the skills of the laborers.

Today I am thankful for: gchat not being added to the great firewall of China

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