are you… PHO REAL?

Yeppers… that’s where I ate dinner last night. My friend, William, wanted to go there before he left Shanghai last summer but could never get in. As we were walking by last night we noticed that they weren’t very busy so we had take one of the few seats that they had available. The availability must of had something to do with the fact that it was the geriatric dinner hour of 5:45 p.m. so we got seated right away.

I absolutely love the name. All of their dishes were incredibly fresh. We ordered the Shrimp and Pork springrolls and then we each ordered the specialty, the Pho Soup. It was a lovely broth-y soup with some onion and what-not in it, along with rice noodles (yuummmmmm), and they laid on top some wonderful pieces of raw beef (i think) and it cooked into the broth. My father would have loved it! That’s how he cooks a lot of his soups.

I thought that the inside and outside were both pretty cool. I think it’s quite obvious that ADA rules do not apply in China–as there were no ramps to this lower area of the restaurants. However, the architecture was quite simple and played up by the excellent use of interior design. I love those baskets hanging on the ceiling — but all I could think about was how they would be hell to dust.

Today I am thankful for: finally being able to talk to most of my family  — even if it was by email.


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