Food Team: Shanghai Edition

Today, before we stopped by work, we ate at the oh-so-famous Yang’s Fried Dumpling. And folks (I don’t say folks, who am I kidding?), Now y’all — that is worth the trip to Shanghai alone. These dumplings are so delicious. First you have to pay for what you are ordering and then you have to wait in another line behind a group of people to get your order after handing a lady your receipt(you only see her arm through a hip-high window). But while you wait… they have entertainment. Or, at least that’s what I’ll call it. They have a window where you can see into the kitchen workshop where they’re making the dumplings and frying them in huge woks. It’s like Santa’s workshop for every Foodie out there.

Hopefully this image isn’t too unfocused. It was taken behind a grease-stained glass. Just the way I like my food to be prepared. It was so cool watching the cooks prepare the food. They work with such rhythm. AND, of course this reminds me of my father and I sitting at our kitchen table making wantons. We would have a big bowl of raw meet that we would fold into little tiny rappers. YUM. My dad would have loved this place!

This is the beauty shot before. Don’t they just look delicious!?! AND do you want to know what the best part is?? They 5.5 RMB — that means… they were only 85 cents. AND worth every single penny. The dumplings are cooked on the bottom giving them a hard shell and every Shanghainese knows that there is a certain way to eat these things. And when you mess up, you will look silly and you’ll scald your mouth.  So what you have to do is pick them up by there bottom and chew a small hole into the top. That way, it’ll give your dump-dump a little way to breathe and then you can slurp out the “soup” aka grease juices down into your happy belly 🙂 Oh these were sooo yummy.

Obviously, I ate every. last. bite. And it was Di-VINE. I haven’t decided yet if it is a good or a bad thing that this place is so close to work. For right now, I’m going to go with good. When I can’t fit into my pants anymore — then, and only then — I will go with bad.

Y’all have a great dump-dump day! And remember to spread the good word: Peace and Love throughout the World. While y’all are getting up… I think I’m gonna head on to bed. 9:30 is an acceptable time to sleep, right? Oh, p.s. I’m going to try and update y’all everyday. Hopefully, I can at the very least add a picture a day.

Today I am thankful for: a great first full day in China and a wonderful tour guide who put me in all the right places. We walked around all day and there is still so much to see! Oh yeah, and for the internets. 

2 thoughts on “Food Team: Shanghai Edition

  1. Allie! I miss you so much already! I’m glad I have your blog to read so I won’t feel like you’re so far away. I totally miss the Food Team and can officially say that my interests in visiting Shanghai has gone up.

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