Shanghai, China: The View

Hey y’all!!  My friend, William, and I have made it safely to China. This is the view out of my roommates window. I’m borrowing my Chinese roommate’s internet card so I don’t know when will be the next time I can post again. China is so — different. I haven’t seen much of the city yet so I’m trying not to make too many quick judgements. The language barrier has been a little bit harder than I thought, so I’m going to have to dive right in and learn a little Chinese.

We ate at a little restaurant next to our apartment and there were a bunch of kids running it — the cooks, the waitstaff — all except the woman taking the money behind the counter. AND don’t order water — they give it to you HOT and look at you funny. So, next, I went with a pepsi cola. I think I’ll be drinking a lot of Oolong tea. AND my friend William told me that you always order an even number of dishes. If you ordered 3 dishes instead of 4 — odd numbers represent funerals.

AND there is a button you have to push for hot water — so my shower last night was a mixture of cold and hot. Good thing I saw the new Karate Kid, because I totally would have forgotten that this is how it works in some countries. Speaking of movies… I watched 3.5 movies on the plane yesterday. I watched Before Coco Chanel, The Kids Are All Right, Mulan (and cried like a baby through the first 10 minutes) and then after I woke up from my 8 hours of Ambian sleep I watched about half of The Hangover (because I knew I could only watch half of something). On the way back I want to see the King’s Speech, again!

Okay… that’s really all I have to update you with. We should be going in to work today to meet and greet and then I think we are going to the famous Yang’s Dumplings!!! Oh I can’t wait.  Everything is going so well. I’m super excited to be here.

Today I am thankful for: getting to China in one piece.

2 thoughts on “Shanghai, China: The View

  1. Well Allison that is definitely going to be a change for you to have to eat the food over there. Coming from someone who loves Chips and Salsa and steak. Be careful darling and we will see you when you get back

    • You would absolutely LOVE the food over here. And I’ve only had one meal! Plus, I love family style dining!

      I hate that I didn’t get to see you before I left — but we all have to get together ASAP when I get back. I miss you guys!

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